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Holiday Weddings During Christmas & New Year's Eve

Compliments of Charlotte Eulette, Celebrant USA Foundation

There is nothing merrier and more festive than having your wedding take place during the holiday season. And, since this is probably the only time of year that the whole family will be in one place at one time, it is certainly practical!

If the festive holidays are your backdrop of choice, Charlotte Eulette, National Director of the Celebrant USA Foundation, recommends using all the dazzling décor, musical sounds, colors, aromas and sumptuous flavors of the season.

A Christmastime or New Year's Eve wedding can truly be unforgettable and joyous. Here are some tips for making a holiday wedding merry.

Christmastime Weddings

Make memories happen: Have family and friends decorate a tree or gather around the fireplace and enjoy each other's company before the wedding. Honor and pay tribute to the elders and ancestors in your families.

Bring color into your wedding ceremony. If you love white or red poinsettias make them your wedding flower. Or have your wedding party bedecked with crimson accents, such as bow ties or elegant shawls.

Instead of tossing rice or flower petals, consider throwing glittering snow flakes.

Ring the bells and bring in the music of the holidays. Think Mozart or beautiful opera or choral music for your ceremony ­ holiday-themed tunes for the reception.

Adorn the aisle with aromatic garlands and candles instead of ribbons and bows.

Inhale the scents of season and warm the soul: Evergreen, cinnamon or juniper scented candles can warm your ceremonial or reception space and create a wonderful atmosphere.

New Year's Eve Weddings

Go for the glitz! A New Year's Eve wedding can definitely take place late at night. Consider fancy appetizers, champagne, black and white photos, big band music or salsa instead of a traditional dinner and music.

At midnight, when the clock strikes twelve, have your wedding party gather your guests to shout out "Happy Newly Weds!" instead of "Happy New Year."

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