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PINTEREST: Ideas or Illusions?

PINTEREST: Ideas or Illusions?

“I saw this on PINTEREST.” This five word response has become the model answer to my question,

“What is the vision for YOUR wedding?”

As we progress into a brand new wedding season, I always look forward to meeting with new brides, enthusiastic to hear about their ideas and concepts to make this very exciting day extra special. PINTEREST now plays a key role in this conversation. With the rage and ease of social media, wedding ideas are now at our fingertips. There is no longer a need to imagine what something might look like; we can already see it. But, is it REAL and is it REALISTIC?

What do I mean by real? How do we know that the image that we are looking at hasn’t been “ENHANCED”? Well, we don’t.

In the past few years, nudes, blushes and very soft pinks having been trending in wedding florals. And yes, these colors and shades exist in the floral world. However, PINNERS have applied filters, lightening up these shades even more, creating an ethereal glow. By doing this, the actual shades of these flowers have been falsified.

As I sit with brides browsing PINTEREST, on many occasion, I have had to break the disappointing news that the flowers they really love are not in season. I am also faced with the task of shocking them with the cost, as PINTEREST does not provide that.

On a positive note, PINTEREST is fun to look at and can assist in guiding a couple in a design direction. Have fun with it, but beware. What you are looking at might not be achievable.

Blog post written by: Jillian McAlpine, Owner, Carousel of Flowers, Somerville, NJ, (908) 231-7330)
Photo by: Jenna Perfette Photography

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