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10 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Wedding Officiant

10 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Wedding Officiant

1) Your Wedding Ceremony is *REALLY* Important

Marriage is a life-long commitment and in many ways that commitment becomes "official" through the transition that occurs throughout your wedding ceremony! This is truly a very special moment in time that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Choose a Wedding Officiant that approaches every wedding ceremony individually and with the importance it truly deserves.

2) There's More to a Wedding Ceremony Than You Might Think 

An incredibly memorable and meaningful wedding ceremony doesn't just happen. It's not just a bunch of words, a reading, "I Do," and then the exchange of wedding rings. The best wedding ceremonies are meticulously designed with elements decided upon as a result of careful thought and planning.  It takes time, but it's totally worth it.

Choose a Wedding Officiant that will work with you closely to make sure your wedding ceremony and vows are everything you want them to be.  

3) It's About You!

There are many different pieces that all should work together to make your wedding ceremony very special, but it really should be about YOU and your new life-partner! Your ceremony will be remembered because of the sharing of YOUR story, how you met, what is significant about your relationship and why you have chosen to make this powerful commitment to one another.

Choose an experienced Wedding Officiant that will take the time to learn more about you, who you and your partner are, why you are together as a couple, and then create a wedding ceremony that tells YOUR STORY.

-Pictured Above: Mark Giller and Norma Moutal, Wedding Officiants, One Heart Personalized Ceremonies

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