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3 Quick Wedding Planning Tips

3 Quick Wedding Planning Tips

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Now that you are engaged, everyone who has ever been married is going to come out of the woodwork and give you an assortment of advice, from how to organize your guest registry all the way to why you shouldn't have yellow flowers going with white table linens. Of course, not all of the advice you are going to receive is quality advice. In fact, many people really have no idea what they are talking about!


Hopefully, these 3 quick wedding planning tips will help you plab your dream NJ wedding!


1. Find an Expert

Tying the knot once (or even a few times) really doesn't make you an expert. Where you an expert after driving a car for the second time? Due to this, you need to look towards the experts and learn about the very best wedding planning tips. Everything else you hear from all your family and friends can just come with a grain of salt.


2. Bridal Shows

Bridal shows in NJ are really a great event to attend while you are engaded. There are dozens of vendors at these bridal shows in NJ, so it is possible to cross off all sorts of different tasks and jobs off your to-do list. You may come across something you didn't even realize you needed to do, but they are there for you. On top of it all, many of these vendors actually provide special discounts as incentives to choose them over other vendors in the show.


Calendar it All Out

Sure, you may have 10, 11, or 12 months before the big day. But guess what? You'll take a nap one day and realize you're down to three months and still don't have a photographer! You need to mark everything down on a calendar and have clear dates for when you need to have different elements organized and ready to go. If you can have different bookings scheduled out earlier on, it gives you more time to plan out the smaller details of the wedding and to make any sort of alterations to your schedule, should something fall through. Just make sure to work out the calendar together.


These are three easy wedding planning tips that you can incorporate today! Remeber, one of the best ways to meet NJ wedding professionals (besides on is at an upcoming bridal show in NJ

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