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3 Tips To Writing Your Wedding Thank You Cards

3 Tips To Writing Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Your wedding gifts have begun to arrive, and you know that more will come on the day of your wedding.  The task of writing out so many wedding thank you cards can seem quite daunting, but if you take it one step at a time, it will go smoothly.


How to Begin Writing Your Wedding Thank You Cards

To begin writing your wedding thank you cards, it is best to create a list of names and addresses of the guests that are invited to the wedding as they are the ones that will be giving you gifts. Including all the names of the guests at each address is best.  

Having this list established will ensure your ease in sending out your wedding thank you cards.  Adding a column for the type of gift it was, even if it is a monetary one, is also suggested.  Purchasing cards that reflect your wedding color and design is another great tip, as the cards will tie it all together.


Tip #1: Make is Easy

As each gift comes in, note how it is signed, including all the names.  It is a good idea to write on the gift card exactly what the gift is and/or the dollar amount, as appropriate. This will make it easier when you fill out your wedding thank you cards. If there is no card with the gift, however unlikely this may be, you can also take a photo of each gift to help to jog your memory.


Tip #2: Be Exacting

First and foremost, please hand write your wedding thank you cards. While we live in the electronic messaging age, this is not the time to send out emails to say thank you. Each guest deserves something more personal from you. And each guest wants to believe that the gift you received from them is special.

Be sure to write on the wedding thank you card what the gift was, how you intend to use it, and how you and your partner appreciate it.


Tip #3: Do not Hesitate

As the first gifts arrive, make notes to your list, write a warm wedding thank you card, and mail them off as soon as possible. If you do this a little at a time, this will not snowball on you and become overwhelming.

Nothing feels better than getting a task behind you - especially the wedding thank you cards. Just remember to keep up with your correspondence and prompt mailings to complete your deserved satisfaction.

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