Posted by Kris Bruno, Wedding Officiant on 10/31/2017

30 minute ceremony, yes! Cookie cutter, no!

30 minute ceremony, yes!  Cookie cutter, no!

As you know, I love wedding ceremonies!!  I feel compelled to give some advice to couples who are planning their ceremonies.  Many couples request a "short and simple" ceremony.  I get it - you don't want it to drag on, you don't want your guests to be bored and you DO want to move along to the cocktail hour!  Most venues allow 30 minutes for a ceremony and after years of experience officiating, I know this is the perfect amount of time for a memorable ceremony.  

Short and simple.  I believe many couples have sat through "typical" ceremonies with "expected" itineraries.  This is fine, it gets the job done.  I believe that is why couples want a quick ceremony - they don't want to belabor the "been there, done that" experience for themselves or their guests.

But I must say, please don't cheat yourselves from having the moment of a lifetime!  In 30 minutes you can have a unique, meaningful, unforgettable, entertaining, lovely, funny, romantic ceremony that truly reflects your love story!!

As an officiant, my passion and service to you involves getting to know you.  I want to find out how you met, why you love each other, the quirkiness that makes you "YOU" and then work to create a ceremony that uniquely reflects your special qualities and love story.  There are sooooo many ways to achieve this!  Readings, vows, music, unity moments, décor, guest involvement, etc, etc, etc.  So 30 minutes, yes - but cookie cutter? NO WAY!!

I have had the joy of working with many couples who get this and we find each other!!  Of all the ceremonies I have officiated, no two have been the same.  Rather than give you a sample ceremony and "tweak" it; we start from scratch and build your ceremony - each one a snowflake!  Because of the appreciation my couples have had for embracing the ceremony, I have been blessed to stand there with them and experience the magical, romantic moments unfold.  Because of this, I remember each ceremony's uniqueness as each ceremony has been unforgettable!!   I thank the couples I have already married and the couples I am currently working with for stepping outside of the box and for treating the ceremony with the reverence it (and YOU!) deserve!

As always, Be an Anchor in the Storm and Give Each Other Wings, Kris

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