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5 Unique Ways to DIY Your Place Settings | Enchanted Celebrations

5 Unique Ways to DIY Your Place Settings | Enchanted Celebrations

Place cards are an important part of your wedding reception. Avoiding confusion and conflict with guest seating can relieve some of that wedding planning stress. However, this wedding necessity is an area where you can provide your personal touch.


Use corks!

Using corks gives your place cards a touch of character. They provide a stand for the place card without overshadowing the design you choose for the card itself. Corks are a perfect way to add just a little personalized touch. Just use a knife to cut a slit and a flat edge in the cork. (Fair Warning: Don’t try to drink enough wine to supply yourself with all of the corks!)





Repurpose Sea Shells!

Beach weddings are a classic choice for brides. Repurposing seashells or other beach finds for place cards can add a unique quality and make your big day stand out! Just take some old shells or head down to the beach and use a permanent marker to write on them!





Do Origami!

For a truly personal touch, try folding origami for your place cards. This will create a truly unique experience. This will also give you an excuse to get all your bridesmaids together for a wine/origami night! You can find countless types of origami to create for you place settings!





Hang them up!

Hanging you place cards is a great way to conserve table space. It also creates a beautiful display when your guests arrive. There are so many ways to put your own spin on this place card style. You can add flowers, lights, and many other embellishments to whatever fixture you are hanging your cards on. This DIY is so simple, just hang a string, tack on some clothespins, and you’re finished!



Find Some Feathers!

Feathers are a super unique detail. They can be easily incorporated into your big day by being used as place cards. Just dip your feathers into glitter paint and tie the place card to it!


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