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6 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Day

6 Tips For A Perfect Wedding Day

You and your fiance have spent a lot of time planning your wedding day. So it's only reasonable that you both want to actually enjoy it, right? At David Eric Photography, we’re sharing these tips to help make your wedding one of the best days of your life.  

1) Do not stress and worry about the little things

At the end of the day, the most important part of your wedding is a celebration of your love and the beginning of your life together. Couples need to remember that when they start to get distracted and stressed on their wedding day it will go by in a flash without the couple actually experiencing or enjoying it.

2) Create a wedding day timeline

Make sure you do a timeline early before the wedding so that there is no delays and everybody that you have hired is on the same timeline. One of the biggest problems we have as photographers is showing up to the bride’s home and finding out that the bride has not started her makeup because the makeup artist or hairstylist didn’t know the photography timeline. We set up a timeline so that we can get all the photos you want at your home and get you to your ceremony on time. Make sure that you are not last so if things are behind schedule, the other ladies that need to have their makeup done can finish while you are getting dressed and it does not put you behind schedule. Your photographer can always have the makeup artist do touch-ups on you for some photo ops. Also, make sure, if a lot of your girls are having their makeup done you should hire multiple hair and makeup people as it can be overwhelming for 1 person and if someone needs to get redone it does not delay the rest.

3) Include an engagement session with your photography package

When you hire a photographer, make sure they include an engagement session with your package. Many couples say they do not want or need it but the importance of it can make the difference on your wedding day. We include an engagement session with all of our packages.  We call it a “get to know you” session. We try different poses and situations to see how comfortable you and your fiance are and we get the ability to spend time with you before the wedding day. We also meet to review the photos after the session to get feedback on what poses you like and dislike and what was comfortable. So on the wedding day, we already spent time together and you know us by name and what to expect. Most importantly, we are doing what you like and not just a list of poses.

4) Enjoy some downtime between your ceremony and cocktail hour

Your cocktail hour could be used for a lot of things, like finishing photos with family or maybe even rehearsing for the special dance you have planned for the reception. But if you planned enough time between your ceremony and cocktail hour, you could use this time to really enjoy your wedding day by maybe having a drink, conversing, or just sitting back in a corner of the room and take in your wedding from a different perspective. The cocktail hour is your social time. This is your time to find your friends and family who flew in from far away. Many couples also use this time to thank guests for coming so it not done during the reception. If you plan your timeline right, this hour could be for your enjoyment too, not just the guests.

5) Timing is everything, so plan for enough of it

When sitting down to plan your wedding, make sure you plan enough time to enjoy your day. Factor in time to sit with your ladies in the morning to enjoy a light breakfast, since they have been through the journey with you and deserve time with you. Make sure you allow for plenty of time between your ceremony and cocktail hour so you do not feel rushed. Many couples shorten that time between as they worry about what their guest will be doing between the ceremony and the reception. They will understand it's your day and should be enjoyed and not rushed. Or, if you are planning your ceremony and reception in the same venue, consider doing a romantic first look and take all of your photos prior to your ceremony. This has become a very popular option so that the couple is not missing out on the cocktail hour time.  If you are hiring limos and plan to go somewhere for your photos, then book the amount of time you need for travel and getting all the photos you want. If you only book 3 hours and really need 4, those photos you envisioned in your mind may not happen.  

6) No more planning - it’s your wedding day

You have done everything right so do not sweat the small stuff. All you can do is reconfirm timings and items with your vendors a day or two before the big day and double check what is the earliest time you can arrive at your venue. Give your maid of honor the job to keep bridal party on time and organized. Give the Moms the job of calling extended family the night before and let them know when and where to be for those family photos so you are not waiting around and missing out on your wedding day. If you're planning on making items, arranging flowers or doing some of your own decor make sure to have everything ready to go and in place before the big day. Once at your venue, if you want to check the set up, make sure it's the first thing you do so it's out of the way. Have all the cash for any on the day vendors in envelopes ready to go and handed over to a trusted bridal party member such as your chief bridesmaid or best man.

If you follow these 6 tips, you are setting yourself up to have a great wedding day. Go have fun and enjoy your wedding!

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