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Posted by Golden Note Entertainment on 09/06/2017

7 Ways to Make Your Photo Booth Rock | Golden Note Entertainment

7 Ways to Make Your Photo Booth Rock | Golden Note Entertainment

We send photo booths to events all the time! Some companies lure guests in with big inflatable walls or flashing LED lights, but those are eye-catching for a few moments. This quickly becomes part of the background, especially if the photo booth is tucked in a corner or—worse—set up outside of the main reception room. There are a few simple ways to make your photo booth rock:

Give Your Guests Photo Strip Stands

One surefire way to have your guests lining up to use your photo booth is to give them photo strip stands. These giveaways are not only inexpensive, but also guarantee that your guests leave with a fun memory of your event.

Set up a Scrapbook

A scrapbook is an awesome way to capture the memories of the night, especially for a wedding or birthday party. Once photo strips are printed, your guests can stick them in the scrapbook and write something nice (or hilarious) alongside their photo. You’ll be surprised how often people want to fill up a scrapbook, and you’ll love the collected photo strips more than just receiving a CD from the night.

Buy Some Silly Props

What good is a photo booth without props?! Let your guests cut loose and act silly for a while! Sunglasses, hats, masks, boas, and all other sorts of weird and eclectic props give your friends and family more reason to dive in for more than one round of photos.

A typical photo booth comes with some sort of booth, right? This can be hard walls or curtains or some other enclosure, but…why have walls at all? Tear down those walls and use a simple backdrop for your photo booth! Without walls, your guests will be able to see how much fun others are having and will be much more inspired to use the photo booth too. Of course, if you want things to get weird, opting for walls or curtains doesn’t hurt either. As we like to say: what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth!

Create a Glamorous Step & Repeat

If you choose to tear down the walls, consider upgrading your backdrop to a glamorous step & repeat! With a custom backdrop you can include your wedding monogram, company logos, or any thematic pattern: birthday cakes and princess crowns for a sweet 16? Definitely an exciting addition!

Get Connected to Social Media

Sure, that hashtag might be one reason your guests aren’t on the dance floor. But you can totally use it to enhance your photo booth! Today’s booths aren’t just about spitting out fun strips—they are connected to your favorite social media platforms, too. Upgrade to a social booth and your guests will walk away with photo strips and be able to send their favorite photos and videos out on Instagram and Facebook, or simply direct to their phone, at the same time.

Use the Photo Booth Yourself

Bride and groom? Birthday girl? Company owner? It really doesn’t matter what the event is—someone is always at the top of the list for guests. If you are the host or highlight of the event, chances are your guests want to jump in the photo booth with you as much as they probably want to dance with you.

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