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An A-Z Guide to Wedding Locations | Enchanted Celebrations

An A-Z Guide to Wedding Locations | Enchanted Celebrations

The wedding location sets the tone of the wedding, and these days, anything goes for a wedding location. From skydiving to traditional backyard or church wedding, your choice of a venue will play a large part in defining the tone of your celebration. Some couples know right away where they want to tie the knot, some couples may have a few ideas in mind, while others have no idea. Here is an A-Z guide to wedding locations:

A. Art gallery, arbor, arboretum or botanical garden, aquarium, amusement park, or antique shop or mall.

B. Beach, boats, barges, bed-and-breakfast, bay, barn, or bar.

C. Churches, chapels, courthouse, community center, country club, catering companies, cottage, cabin, campsite, cruise ship, coffeehouse, cafe, college campus, combination wedding and honeymoon in one, castle (European), or casino.

D. Desert

E. Equestrian center or everglades. 

F. Field, flower garden, forest, farm, fairgrounds, or ferry.

G. Golf course, gazebo, or garden.

H. Home, harbor, historical site, halls, or hotel.

I. Inn.

J. Japanese garden or jazz club.

L. Lakes, lawns, lodges, lofts, libraries, or log cabin.

M. Museum, military club, meditation center, or mountaintop.

N. National park or nursery. 

O. Orchard.

P. Park, picnic spot, pier, party boat, or penthouse.

R. Recreation center, retreat locations, restaurant or resort, rose garden, ranch, racetrack, or a Renaissance fair.

S. Ski lodge, senior center, or synagogue.

T. Town hall, temple, tearoom, train, trolley, or tent.

U. Underwater

V. Vineyard, vacation rentals, village halls, or Victorian homes and B&Bs.

W. Woods, waterfall, or wedding chapel.

Y. Yacht or yard.

Z. Zoo.

When picking a wedding location to tie the knot, it is essential to keep in mind your priorities and your budget. If you pick a less expensive site or a location at no charge, like a backyard, there will be more money for you to spend on other priorities. However, if the location was on the top of your priority list, then this is the place you want to spend. It's all your decision for your special day!

Another important aspect to keep in mind when picking your wedding location is your guest list. If you have a large amount of people attending the ceremony, you will need a bigger venue. If the ceremony will have a small crowd, then your site is more flexible to which location you desire. 

If you are looking for an adventurous union, try getting married while involved in one of these wild and crazy wedding locations: Bungee jumping, in-line skating, roller skating, horseback riding, hiking, ice skating, kayaking, on safari, skydiving, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, riding in a hot-air balloon, or riding on a roller coaster. 

However, there are several pros and cons of wild and crazy wedding locations:

Pros: They are unique. You are doing something you love and that you love to share with your fiance. You get an adrenaline rush while tying the knot. Your guest list will be very short. 

Cons: The guest list is limited to those participating in the sport. Special arrangements will need to be made for guests with physical limitations. There is a potential for danger -- which can be both a pro and a con. On the one hand, it spices up the day; on the other hand, if you or your fiance gets injured, there goes the honeymoon!

Again, your wedding day is all about celebrating a new lifetime commitment between you and the love of your life. Make it as unique and tailored to your personalities and your relationship as you desire. It's all up to you!

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