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Authors of Wedding Photography Book Offer To Speak At Local Book Clubs

Authors of Wedding Photography Book Offer To Speak At Local Book Clubs
Jennifer and Jeff Salvage were married on Easter Island over seven years ago, and since then, the NJ based couple have been traveling the globe. When they travel they take Jennifer’s wedding dress with her and they take amazing photographs of her in her dress. To date, they have complete 205 photo shoots in 24 countries and over 200,000 miles of travel. In addition to their original photo book, One Dress, One Woman One World, they have just completed a memoir entitled When it Clicks and a smaller photo book of the same name.
When It Clicks grabs for the heart of extreme readers, those who know that reading is a sport and who demand to be stunned with every turn of the page. Through the voice of the engaging, girl-next-door turned adventurer,  the reader is pulled into the moment, whether that moment is staring into the steaming nostrils of a wild beast … climbing the Alps in a blizzard … defying gravity on a treacherous incline … or getting in and out of wrong-way relationships. Be prepared to hear your heart pounding and to redefine beauty, magnificence and joy.
Jennifer Salvage was a bold adventurer, hiking her way to peace, joy, and fulfillment in the face of personal and physical challenges. Although she had wanderlust, Jennifer had no one to wander with. The first woman to thru-hike the International Appalachian Trail by herself, Jennifer discovers that traveling alone has lost its appeal. The Internet introduces her to Jeff, the man who is meant to be. Before the reader is able to utter “happily ever after,” a formidable wedding dress becomes the inspiration for a life-changing odyssey. After Jennifer agrees to Jeff’s request for a few extra photo shoots in the dress, a seed is planted, and then the greatest adventure begins.  Jennifer and Jeff crisscross the globe, through the rice fields of China, the redwoods of California, and the wilds of New Zealand as they seek out the next perfect shot of Jennifer in her wedding dress.
The subtitle of When It Clicks could be You Won’t See It Coming.  With each adventure, Jennifer becomes the serendipitous bride, a surprising discovery set against the backdrop of the world’s most iconic treasures. When It Clicks chronicles Jennifer’s struggles to let go of her old insecurities, live in the moment, and become a woman who is actually, finally, comfortable in her own skin.
The Salvages are willing to make a special offer to readers. If you are part of a book club and would like to have the Salvage’s come to your book club meeting, buy 10 or more memoirs from them directly and they will drive up to 100 miles from their Medford, NJ home to talk to your group. Ideally, they would come in August. If a time can’t be arranged to meet in person, they can always skype into your meeting. If you are more than 100 miles away and still want them to come, please send a request to them, they will try to be flexible. This offer is available for the first three clubs that contact them.
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