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Posted by Hallak Cleaners on 05/07/2015

Bridal Storage Tip | Hallak Cleaners

Bridal Storage Tip | Hallak Cleaners


Time flies!  It seems even mor so when you are planning a wedding.  That's why this is the perfect time to take just a few minutes and think about what will happen to your gown.  Fortunately, you have many options including (cleaning and) preserving, selling or donating.  If you plan on cleaning and preserving your wedding gown, we do suggest you bring it in soon after the wedding.  Many brides rely on a family member or loved one to drop the gown off since they'll most likely be on their honeymoon.  Are you planning on waiting until you return? Or are you undecided?  If so, please store your gown in a garment bag until you have made your decision.  Unfortunately, stains that are allowed to sit and oxidize may be harder (or impossible) to remove.  If you have questions regarding your wedding gown's care, please email bridal@hallak.com.


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