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Posted by NJWedding.com on 03/26/2020

Consider Postponing Your Wedding To Monday And Other Advice

Consider Postponing Your Wedding To Monday And Other Advice

Make Monday the Hot New Wedding Day in the NJ / NY Area 

A letter from Local Family-Owned Wedding Venues:

Small, family businesses are the heart and soul of this country. Our families have been proud to operate wedding and event venues throughout the State of New Jersey for twenty, fifty and even over one-hundred years. We are tireless business owners that employ thousands of team members and help drive the economy.

Due to the current pandemic, uncertainty has taken over every aspect of our businesses. While safety and public health is always the top priority, we are all focused on our team members and their families, our clients, and countless suppliers that rely upon us on a daily basis.

We are proud to be leaders in our community and leaders in the New Jersey and National Restaurant Associations. As a leader in your industry, we are hopeful that we can work together and count on your support in the unprecedented situation we are currently facing. With all the uncertainty, our wedding clients are looking for guidance and leadership. It needs to come from you. While we are all fortunate to have personal relationships with our affected clients, national messaging to help venues, vendors, and the industry would be a tremendous help.

In the areas currently hardest hit, rescheduling weddings is the most pressing issue for the industry.

We are all in this together. Venues and vendors want to do the right thing to ensure couples can celebrate happily and safely. No one could anticipate the effects of the extraordinary government mandated shutdowns and some flexibility in scheduling will be required as we all move past this crisis together. While this situation is unprecedented, the role of venues in making lifelong memories for you and your guests has not changed.

Don't be afraid of a weekday. Offering couples the ability to consider weekdays like Monday or Tuesday virtually insures venue and vendor availability. Thursdays have already become a popular day for weddings in recent years. Most couples have spent over a year planning their weddings. Many are choosing to move their dates to weekdays to keep their entire plan from venue to photographer and entertainment intact and available to make their special day come together in the way they had originally imagined. We can all work together in making Monday the Hot New Wedding Day in the NJ / NY Area

Yours In Hospitality,

Local Venue Owners & Managers
Members, New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association

Editor's Note: Weddings are all about love and families - celebrating marriage, bringing two families together to gather and enjoy time well spent. In New Jersey, there are 50,000 weddings per year throughout all 21 counties, and thousands of wedding venues and vendors serving engaged couples and the marketplace. While this health crisis has invaded and altered immediate and future plans, it's important to realize that we're currently facing a pandemic that affects everyone. We can all support each other - brides and grooms-to-be, venues and vendors - to understand that we're all in this together and work proactively to accommodate each other's needs. When the time comes and health and safety is not as dire a concern, we will all celebrate.

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