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Posted by Hurricane Productions on 04/26/2020

How to (Tactfully) Handle Your Family's Wedding Opinions

How to (Tactfully) Handle Your Family's Wedding Opinions

Unless you decide to elope, there’s no avoiding opinions from your family about your wedding plans -- and even then, they might still chime in! 

Everyone has their two cents, and people’s comments are usually well-intentioned, if not entirely warranted.


Remember that your wedding is a celebration that reflects you and your fiancé as a couple. You and your partner should decide how you’ll handle your family’s advice, and make sure you’re on the same page about when you should (and shouldn’t) take others’ opinions into consideration. 


Here are a few strategies for tactfully dealing with unsolicited family opinions on your wedding.


  1. Set boundaries upfront. Answering specific questions about your wedding plans might encourage well-intentioned friends and relatives to share their own thoughts and experiences. The best thing you can do here is set boundaries from the beginning. Consider telling family members that you appreciate their insights, but you’re keeping your plans a surprise for now.
  2. If a family member wants to help financially, define their role in the planning process. If a family member is helping finance your wedding, defining roles before money changes hands can prevent drama and hurt feelings. For example, delegate a single aspect of the planning process (e.g., flowers, welcome bags) to each person who wants to help.
  3. Determine where you’re willing to compromise. Sometimes, you and your fiancé will need to compromise with your family members. Talk about your “must-haves” together before you open the floor to family opinions.


Ultimately, the more you can communicate with your family about your wedding vision and how you’d like them to help, the smoother the planning process will be for all of you.


For more tips on navigating family opinions on your wedding, check out our full blog post on HurricaneProductions.com

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