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Posted by NJWedding.com on 02/12/2021

Moving Forward with New Jersey Marriage and Wedding Plans in 2021

Moving Forward with New Jersey Marriage and Wedding Plans in 2021

Within the current COVID-19 guidelines, what CAN you do when planning your New Jersey wedding?

Since March 2020, couples in New Jersey and around the Tri-State area have had to cope with changing or modifying their wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the public health crisis, large gatherings have had restrictions so that the spread of the virus could be prevented. New Jersey wedding venues and restaurants have helped to accommodate couples and their guests so that they could still have their dream wedding, with an emphasis of celebrating safely. 

The State of New Jersey currently requires that certain guidelines be followed, which we have included on our "Planning Your New Jersey Wedding: 2021 Guide." 

Here Are What The Guidelines Mean For Your Wedding Plans:

1) If you are planning your indoor wedding reception at the same location as your marriage ceremony, then you may follow the current indoor wedding ceremony guidelines (that do not involve a religious service) of 35% capacity or 150 individuals, whichever is smaller. According to a recent update on 2/22/21, indoor wedding ceremonies that involve a religious service must be limited to 50% of a room's capacity. Individuals attending the religious service will still be required to wear masks and sit six feet apart from those outside of their household group.

2) Considering an outdoor wedding? There are many locations around the Garden State in which you can have your ceremony and reception, and off-premise catering companies are in a unique position to bring all the necessary items for a safe celebration. Many NJ restaurants and banquet venues have created outdoor space, complete with tents, tables and chairs. These opportunities for an outdoor ceremony and reception at the same location exist at an unlimited capacity, according to current NJ gathering limits (subject to change from Gov. Murphy).

3) Dance floors are closed because an open dance floor with unmasked guests could spread the virus, however, music can be played at the reception and the couple can enjoy the traditional first dance, father / daughter dance, etc.. Guests can dance at their seats and masked in a socially distanced way if space is available.

Why Consider A Venue / Restaurant Instead Of A Private Home?

According to SaveTheWeddingIndustry.com, an alliance of NJ wedding venue owners, along with the New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association, caterers are specifically prepared to host weddings and special events and follow all COVID-19 guidelines which would ensure both the health and safety of guests and staff while allowing venues to reopen. They would be responsible for all employees to follow rules regarding masking, hand-washing, using hand sanitizer and being prohibited from the workplace if sick. All vendors will be required to pass a temperature and health check upon arrival, and any vendors entering the premises for deliveries of supplies prior to events will be required to wear masks. 

How Can We Ensure A Safe Wedding Celebration?

When it comes to guest safety, a complete guest list and seating assignment will be requested from clients prior to an event. You will have the ability to reduce number of guests seated at each table, which will be spread out — no less than 6 feet apart from adjacent tables and chairs (for appropriate physical distancing where possible). Signage will be posted when entering the venue regarding guest safety, and hand sanitizer dispensers, based on supply, will be placed at all entrances and contact areas such as reception areas, bars, restrooms and meeting spaces, whenever possible. Read more guidelines for Safe Celebrations here...

NJ based technology company, VenueX, has been helping local venues safely prepare for reopening since the height of the pandemic. These venues have been able to create a more efficient way to help facilitate contact tracing through a suite of custom software applications. If an outbreak were to occur from an event, the venue would have the ability to download and share contact information of all guests, vendors and staff who were in attendance. Contact tracers could then reach people quickly to inform them of their exposure and to quarantine for the duration recommended by the CDC.

You CAN have a safe marriage ceremony and wedding celebration in New Jersey, within the COVID-19 restrictions and state guidelines. There are always options, from a virtual marriage to an elopement / micro-wedding (up to 50 guests) to a larger ceremony and celebration. We invite you to reach out to wedding venues and professionals through NJWedding.com, as well as our "New Jersey Weddings" Facebook group to ask questions, discuss ideas among other couples and get as many answers as possible. 

The New Jersey wedding community is here to help and accommodate your needs, and hopeful that the NJ Government will revisit these guidelines again soon and the restrictions will incrementally be lifted so that you can have more flexibility. We believe that as the the public heath crisis continues to improve, the capacity of weddings will be increased with or without a ceremony on site.

- Erik & Beth Kent, Co-Publishers, NJWedding.com, (908) 874-0417

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