Posted by Twin Gemini's Travel Agency on 03/22/2022

Not All "All - Inclusive" Resorts are Created Equally

Not All
The other day it occurred to me that some of the things I know about all-inclusive resorts aren't as common sense as I may think. But that's what happens when you eat, sleep and breath the Caribbean.
So here's what you should know:
  • While all "all-inclusive" resorts include meals, drinks & activities, they are not ALL created equally. Some resorts offer more activities than others, and their selection of alcohol beverages vary in what's included.
  • Not all resorts in the Caribbean are all-inclusive. Some of them offer European options or just breakfast, and your meals and drinks are not included in your package price.
  • Lastly, there are no true all-inclusive resorts located in the US, though it would be nice. There are some resorts that offer meal plans that can be added to your vacation, however they don't typically include alcohol beverages or activities.
Okay, were any of these tips things you already knew or did I blow your mind? Tell me in the comments! For help finding the best resort for you, email me at kiesha@twingeministravelagency.com or book your FREE honeymoon planning session at www.twingeministravelconsultation.as.me today.

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