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NY / NJ Live Events Coalition Issues Call To Action To Support Local Events Industry

NY / NJ Live Events Coalition Issues Call To Action To Support Local Events Industry

The New York and New Jersey Live Events Coalition, a nonprofit organization that is a part of the National Live Events Coalition, is making huge efforts to save not only the events industry, but thousands of workers. “The coalition is a bridge linking the Live Event industry to the government so that we can have a voice and seat.” said Jacqueline Vazquez, Social Events Advisor.

In recent news, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced outdoor gatherings have been increased from 100 to 250 people and indoor gatherings are limited to 25% capacity and can’t exceed 100 (with indoor dining starting on July 2nd at 25% capacity). While small businesses and Event workers will benefit to some degree from the stimulus packages approved thus far, the Live Events industry, as a whole, is in dire straits and needs assistance in order to survive. With expected industry revenue loss up to 80%, many businesses are facing permanent closure and have furloughed on average 85% of their workforce. Our combined efforts are gaining attention and creating partnerships with venues, vendors and Event professionals in our industry.

“Our immediate goal is to develop a financial plan to survive and not shut our doors permanently. The Live Events industry will be one of the last to go back to work and our livelihood is based on guests feeling comfortable attending events.” said Anthony Gerardi, President. In response to the serious economic impact to the Live Events industry, our Coalition respectfully requests the following actions be taken by the United States Federal Government to stabilize and revitalize our industry to a strong recovery that will fuel the entire economy as a whole. Our petition was signed by almost half a million people. 

Click here to read the full petition

We speak on behalf of Event professionals to effectively cause attention to our industry’s economic situation. For more information, contact Anthony Gerardi at (646) 996-6549. 

Visit NYNJEventsCoalition.com

About the NY / NJ Events Coaltion

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the live events industry, the Live Events Coalition of NY & NJ exists to provide advocacy, resources, and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors, and our workforce – the lifeblood of every event. We advocate for and support the many voices that make up the live events industry. We are hospitality, planners, caterers, talent, musicians, producers, technicians, general contractors, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers and so much more.

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