Pervin and Dan's Real Wedding and Favors Story
Posted by E+M Wedding Favors on 12/08/2015

Pervin and Dan's Real Wedding and Favors Story

Pervin and Dan's Real Wedding and Favors Story

We’re delighted to share with you Pervin and Dan’s real wedding and favors story, plus some wonderful details from their big day. Our thanks go to this lovely couple, as well as to their photographer Ray Tomaro Photography for providing their story and images.

We couldn’t possibly improve upon Pervin’s joy-filled description, so here is her story in her words:

My husband, Dan, and I met in high school in 2002 but didn’t begin dating until 2009. He was thankfully persistent and patient ???? We both love all things local and natural, so having natural honey jars as favors was always appealing to us.

When we got engaged, we looked up some local honey distributors and found E&M. We went there for a visit (and to purchase some honey for ourselves) and immediately fell in love with E&M! Mary and Ed eagerly gave us a tour of the bee farm and bottling room, and we were very impressed. There’s something special about seeing exactly where it all comes from! This was actually the first vendor we booked, before even knowing our venue or date!

Showing our appreciation to our guests was very important to us, so we opted to purchase the larger 6oz jars for each guest (rather than for each couple). The cost ended up adding up, especially with over 200 guests, but we were very happy with this decision and were proud and excited to gift these to each guest.

We got married on June 27, 2015 at The Cranbury Inn in Cranbury, NJ. (Have you ever been there? It’s BEAUTIFUL.) We couldn’t have found a better place. It has a barn type feel, as the reception room was designed and built by talented carpenters from VA… apparently using no nails, only wooden pegs – again appealing to our appreciation of natural, handmade things. There is an upstairs area that looks down into the reception room and we had guests sitting upstairs and downstairs. We got so many compliments!

 Pervin+Dan Wedding #3 Photo by Ray Tomaro PhotographyMuch of our wedding was DIY style and I spent lots of time creating/painting/making the invitations, table numbers, signage, etc. for the big day. This was no different with our honey favors. I created and printed the labels, labeled each one, cut out fabric for the tops, and tied a ribbon around each one. Well, I shouldn’t take the credit for it all! Thankfully, my parents have their own tailoring shop so my dad was happy to cut the fabric squares, and I had what I called “Favor Workshop” where we had friends come over and we all tied the ribbons. That is always my biggest tip for anyone, Especially DIY brides: People will always offer you help… TAKE IT! We ordered pizzas and had a blast giggling, tying ribbons, and eating. It makes it all so much more manageable and fun.

We wanted the favors to be on the tables, because we’ve gone to about 20 weddings now and we liked that the best. Since we had the pretty lanterns as centerpieces, we displayed the honey jars circling the centerpieces and they were perfect! And let me tell you – you know how people always leave their favors because they don’t want another trinket at home? Well every jar, PLUS extra jars, were gone! We received so many compliments (and still do) about the delicious favors. A favor you can eat really seemed to go well!

FUN FACT about our wedding – The power went out! For about one hour… there was a big storm. But it ended up being perfect :) We had candle lantern centerpieces and we had coincidentally given glow sticks out to our friends to be funny. The power went out right before our first dance, and perfectly enough we had our friend performing (guitar and singing) our favorite song. So, he just did it acoustically with glow sticks and candles giving dim light to the room. It was everything we could have ever asked for :)”

We loved working with Pervin and Dan to supply their E+M Wedding Favors wishlist, and to get to know them. It always thrilled us to be a part of a loving couple’s big day, and to bring smiles and happiness to wedding guests, so we’re smiling over here at E + M Wedding Favors as we read over Pervin’s letter and see these gorgeous photos!

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