Planning A Wedding In 6 Weeks? No Problem!
Posted by NY Boat Charter on 09/06/2017

Planning A Wedding In 6 Weeks? No Problem!

Planning A Wedding In 6 Weeks? No Problem!

Believe it or not, many individuals and couples have very good reasons to host memorable, life-affirming events within a short time period.  We all assume you should book your wedding 6 months to 2 years in advance. But why? If you know what you want, why not just go for it? Those guests who can clear their schedules and want to be there will come. If venues offer an all-inclusive package, it makes putting together an event so much easier.

We, at NY Boat Charter, just booked a fabulous enthusiastic couple, Ji Hoon Kim and Mengting Zhou, on March 25th for their wedding being held on May 12th of this year.  Here’s what they had to say…

Question: “Why are you confident that everything will be okay booking your wedding within 6 weeks?”

Answer: It feels like a lot of the stuff is already provided for us with this venue. We don’t have to do so much of the legwork in terms of figuring out catering and things of that nature. Instead, this is a service that is already provided for us and seeing how your staff is experienced, we have less concerns going in which allows us to focus on some of the key things we want to work on.

Question: “On your end, what are you going to do quickly to organize and plan your wedding?”

Answer: Our plan is to first send out Evites, electronically, and to reach out to our close family and friends to make sure that they set aside the date. And then once we build up our entire guest list, we are going to send out an invite that they can have. We will take advantage of modern technology.

Question: “And why a boat? Why the Royal Princess?”

Answer: I think it is an interesting venue. It provides, in itself, an entertainment value for our guests. I feel like sometimes, and rightfully so, weddings are centered around the couple, but at the same time I still feel like a lot of the people that make up the celebration are the guests so I want to keep them entertained.  Being on a luxury yacht in NY Harbor is part of it.  And any additional entertainment we can provide through your contacts is great.

Question: “So you want to give everyone a fun experience while celebrating your wedding.”

Answer: Exactly.


Simple advice planning an event quickly from Nautical Event Planner:

  1. The hardest decision is the date and the venue of your event. Once committed, everything falls into place. If you feel good about both of these things, don’t be afraid to go for it and get the ball rolling. Indecision creates stress.
  2. Send invitations electronically and follow up with phone calls or texts. It saves time and is still personable.
  3. Get a copy of the venue’s floorplan, preferably in a document you can edit like powerpoint. Find out what the maximum guests per table is.  Some tables are smaller and others are larger.
  4. Understand exactly what is included and what is not. Utilize as much as you can from the venue and organize what you want to be added systematically.
  1. Select your menu items as early as possible so you can print menu cards (optional) at each table.
  1. Get the list of preferred outside vendors from the venue. These vendors are recommended for a reason.  They are either familiar with the venue, or have a good relationship with the venue.
  1. Find out when and what type of small or decorative items can be brought on ahead of time to make your event personal to you. Do not assume the staff will decorate for you.  If it is simple and can be done while setting the dining room, then great. For anything time consuming or elaborate, please have a friend or outside décor specialist help you.
  1. Trust that your day will go smoothly. Do not expect perfection. Expect to have fun and enjoy your event. Trust that the venue you chose knows what they are doing and is on your side! Ultimately, this is your special day and the venue is there to support your dream. Work with people that have positive energy.
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