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Posted by Enchanted Celebrations on 05/27/2016

Planning An Outdoor Wedding Guide | Enchanted Celebrations

Planning An Outdoor Wedding Guide | Enchanted Celebrations

There are very few places in the world that are more special for a wedding than nature itself. Having an outdoor wedding makes for a wide-open future; the background of gardens, grass and sky, or sea makes a wedding occasion feel so much more special, setting the tone for starting a new future with the love of your life. 

If you are already set on wanting an outdoor wedding, you're one step ahead of the wedding planning process of your dream wedding. However, just because you know you want to get married outdoors does not mean you should postpone reserving an outdoor venue. Researching and reserving a site takes time and also may require a permit, which can take several months to obtain. In addition, you will have to keep logistics in mind. For example, some public beaches ask for specific details about the equipment you will need to bring in as well as the menu you are planning to serve your guests. More so, individual towns have their own regulations about tents, noise ordinances, alcohol, and open containers. Another aspect to keep in mind is parking for guests; you may have to file for a permit to park cars along the street. In order to know about these nuances, contact the parks department in your area or the town, that way there are no surprises when planning your wedding location. Your wedding planning process and wedding day will run smoothly and be as worry-free as possible. 

After you work out your location, set the stage. You are creating a space that did not exist before, so the seating, tables, linens, furniture, lighting, and flowers are all your choice. To start, consider the surroundings of the location and build on them. A major positive of an outdoor space is that you are not confined to a particular room or area and you can create your own parameters. You take the space and make it your own.

Designing the space of your chosen outdoor location means creating a reception from scratch; you'll need to bring everything in. Communicate with your vendors; your caterer or florist may provide linens and china. If you're having a tent, which is a great idea for an outdoor wedding in case of rain, many tent rental companies include chairs, tables, and lighting with the tent rental. However, any extras, such as lighting fixtures and lounge furniture, will give the setting even more personality and uniqueness, but will need to be ordered from outside professionals. 

Most importantly, when planning an outdoor wedding, have a plan b. Although it may be difficult to have any other vision of your wedding than the one you've been dreaming of your whole life, the weather is unpredictable, especially months in advance, and Mother Nature may have different intentions than you do for the kind of day it will be. By having a plan b, you can ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. 

The best part of an outdoor wedding is that it is completely unique. Create the space and customize it to fit the personality of you and your soon to be life-long partner! 

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