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Posted by Kris Bruno, Wedding Officiant on 10/31/2017

The Holidays and Wedding Planning

The Holidays and Wedding Planning

The holidays and wedding planning can create stresses individually but put them together and YIKES you may start to spiral!!  Here's some advice for holiday wedding couples and for any couples planning multiple celebrations or life events that collide with wedding planning:

1. Enlist the aid of your loved ones.  Many times you may feel like you are imposing on people in your life to handle tasks you are struggling to complete on your own.  I assure you, these offers to help are heartfelt and sincere.  Everybody who offers loves to participate in wedding planning.  Your wedding preparations touch the lives of so many people and they will feel honored and special when called to action.

2.  Pinterest and other wedding related sites put a lot of pressure on a couple to create perfection.  Take some time to reflect on what is truly important to you, execute it and then stay off the web!  Your first instinct is usually the best one, no need to second guess.

3.  Merge the holidays with wedding planning.  At holiday family gatherings incorporate a DIY project or brainstorm session related to your wedding.  

4.  Take some time for you.  Easier said then done, I know!  But even a ten minute walk around the block to admire holiday decorations gives you a moment to yourself.  

5.  Take some time with your future spouse.  Make sure that at least one time during the holidays you have a date night!  I recommend planning a date that revisits a memory of the time before you became engaged.  During this date don't talk about the wedding or the holidays.  Just be together in a way that brought you together in the first place.

6.  Call your venue coordinator and speak to them about any challenges you feel during your planning.  You may not realize it but your venue contact is equipped to handle many aspects of your day.  Of course they coordinate the reception and perhaps the ceremony.  But they can also provide solutions to unexpected situations.  They have so much experience!  Perhaps they already have printed directions, menu cards, cake servers, etc.  They network with tons of vendors and can help make the selection process easier for you.  Use your venue coordinator for more then linen selection and menu choices.  They are happy to assist!

7.  Breath.  Then breath again.  Taking a few deep breaths is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and refocus your mind.  Breath, everyday and before and after any stressful moments.

8.  Most importantly, remember that anything that goes "wrong" is the stuff legendary memories are made of.  Find humor in these moments and move on.  You are getting married to the love of your life, the rest will fall into place!

I wish you all the best as you juggle your to do list!! If I can be of service do not hesitate to call.....

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