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Posted by Wedding Appraisal on 03/14/2018

Think Big, Dream Big

Think Big, Dream Big

Excellent motto, but how can we implement this into the most important day of our life?

When it comes to a wedding, we all have big dreams. Every bride wants and deserves to be a queen that day. With that along comes a big expectation. How do we do it if we all have a budget in mind, which most of the time does no agree with our choices? Sure you can find spectacular floral designs, but how much do they cost? Can we afford it or do we need to scale down on our appetite? Is it all possible – “Think Big Dream Big”?

We think so. Small or big budget, the approach is the same – you still have to come up with an idea, theme, color scheme and overall feeling of the event.

First, remember when you are looking for inspirational images, you are collecting information and it helps to keep in mind that these are someone else’s choices. You are only gathering ideas! You will have an opportunity to create your own design later on.

Second, get a sense of style you want to convey and don’t get stuck on the particular flowers. This part is essential. The flowers can be changed to more budget friendly ones without jeopardizing the overall look.

The problem we all are facing when it comes to a wedding décor is lack of pricing information for the choices we make.

Now that you did your homework, what’s next?

What automatically comes to mind is, “let me call the florist and get an estimate”. Well, it definitely is an option.

First, you have to find a reliable vendor who can provide the services you require. Get references, schedule an appointment, travel and spend a couple of hours discussing all the options. The downside – you are not prepared, and you will be at their mercy. Although most of the event professionals are honest and hardworking individuals, there are a few who, might look at the size of your ring and make of the car you are driving and quote you the prices based on that.

What if after a couple of hours you realize that the prices are too high and ideas you had don’t fit in your budget? What’s next? You get aggravated, disappointed and probably plan to visit another vendor to see if the prices will be different. But what happens if you would get the same estimate? Scale down and compromise on your ideas? But, even then you will still probably not know how to do that. There are too many variables when it comes to floral décor – choices of flowers vs. price, quantity, seasonal availability, supplies and so on.

What if there is another option? What if you will have an itemized list of choices you made with prices from an independent source prior to your appointment with a wedding designer? Wouldn’t this ease up the negotiating process? What if we tell you that we will find a balanced solution between your dream wedding ideas and allocated budget?

What if we teach you how to ‘THINK BIG, DREAM BIG?”

For more details, please visit us at Wedding Appraisal and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call during business hours. We are here to help.

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