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Wedding Planning Basics

Wedding Planning Basics

Our couples have been looking forward to their wedding day their entire lives and they want to ensure every detail of their special day goes exactly the way they imagined. They've got big wedding planning decisions to make. Here are the basic wedding planning decisions they'll make along their wedding journey. 


Finding the Best Wedding Vendors

The most important part about wedding planning is choosing the vendors who will make it all happen. These are the photographers, DJs, bands, florists, and most importantly, the wedding venues. In order to ensure that these vendors have the proper availability to host your wedding, we recommend that you start looking around and touring wedding venues as early as two years out from the desired date. This allows plenty of time to find a venue suited for you. 

You'll want to tour the grounds, the ballrooms, and the intimate, picturesque places that allow you to envision your wedding there. At this time, most venues are providing virtual tours to give couples a close-up look, until the time when on-site tours can resume again. 

When you found your perfect wedding venue, you can focus on details such as decor, dresses, and entertainment. We have a recommended list of preferred wedding vendors in our local area that will help bring your dream wedding to life. 


Setting Your Wedding Budget    

Traditionally, the parents of the bride pay for weddings; nowadays things have shifted. Today, we see a large number of couples saving for their wedding,  paying themselves, and/or getting some help from family.  

Typically, the cost of weddings ranges from $30,000-$70,000, including the venue, food/beverage, DJ/band, florists, photography/videography, dresses/suits, and more. Knowing who's contributing to your wedding, how much you may be paying yourself, and estimating your guest count will help you work out a good budget. Also, it will be helpful to decide on what your "non-negotiables" will be (which items are worth splurging on and which you can live without) and doing the math. 


Staying True to Your Vision

What does your wedding vision look like? As a couple, it's important to talk through how you imagine your wedding day playing out and what you want your wedding experience to feel like. Knowing your vision will help you with planning and spending your budget wisely on the things that matter most to you both.

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