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Welcoming Children at Your Wedding

Welcoming Children at Your Wedding

Flower Girls, Junior Bridesmaids, and Ring Bearers, Oh My! 

Children can be one of the biggest catalysts in the energy of the big day. There is nothing (besides a blushing bride) that makes a crowd cheer like seeing the flower girl and ring bearer come down the aisle. Even when they mess up, or begin wandering down the aisle, or get distracted by one of the resident swans, your crowd will eat them up!

If you've decided you want the special young ones in your life to play a special role, there are so many roles they can play besides the traditional. Greeting guests with a sweet welcome sign (with supervision) is a great job for the little ones. Waving ribbon wands will be super fun for them and festive for your recessional.  You can also recruit older children to stir up the dance floor with their cool moves. These are all unique ways to add a touch of cuteness to your big day.  

Entertaining the Kids 

When you welcome children at your wedding, the kids table is a must at the reception! I always recommend having a seat available next to the parents at their tables but also including an area for the children to convene. A few regular -sized tables will be perfect with some coloring books, board games, kids activity packs, and arts and crafts (a little advice, no glitter!) 

Child Friendly Meals 

It's always best to ask the parents about kids meals! Different children like different things. Sally may like carrot sticks while Johnny likes Cheetos, and if they start acting up, we better have both handy! A child throwing a tantrum at a wedding is never fun, for the parents, or the couple. We also make sure we have a treat for a little low stakes bribery if needed.

Children can be a LOT of fun at weddings, especially out on the dance floor. If you welcome them to your wedding, a little planning-ahead will go a long way to help keep your little darlings happy at your wedding. 

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