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Posted by The Mobile Cigar Lounge on 05/27/2020

What Do You Need For A Cigar Bar?

What Do You Need For A Cigar Bar?

Thinking about having a cigar bar at your wedding? 

A cigar bar at your wedding adds to the experience for you and your guests. Without the key essentials at the cigar bar, the opportunity to create the ultimate cigar experience would not live up to it's full potential. We, The Mobile Cigar Lounge , would love to help you out!

Here are our 7 tips in having a successful cigar bar at your wedding.

1. Ask and communicate with your venue to see if outdoor smoking is permitted. 

2. Find that perfect area to put the cigar bar. A lot of venues have beautiful fireplaces, views, and seating to enjoy a smoke. Most venues can set up tables for the cigar bar to be placed. Most cigar bars need a minimum requirement of a 4 foot table.

3. Have cigar cutters and lighters for your guests to use. We recommend a butane lighter to quickly fire up cigars to keep the party going. Unfortunately, lighting cigars with matches is not ideal. This process might either take too long due to weather factors or cause the cigar to be lit up incorrectly.

4. Have a sign to alert your guests about a cigar bar being present at your wedding. We would hate to see lighters, cutters, and lighters on a table but no one knows about it.

5. Have little "to go" bags. Sometimes, your guests want to take one home to smoke. It's a nice reminder for them about your wedding when they smoke it.

6. Hire an experienced tobacconist or cigar roller. Think of it as having a bar with a bartender. Having someone attend to your guests adds to the level of service. They are able to educate, cut, and light cigars at your wedding. It'll help keep the party going and invite your guests to partake in a smoke in celebration for your wedding.

7. Choose your cigars. We recommend purchasing cigars that are "mild" in strength. Most guests are not smokers, however, they want to have a smoke to celebrate your big day. Having a "mild" strength cigar let's them enjoy it without getting sick.

We hope that we provided with enough information to have the perfect cigar bar at your wedding! We, The Mobile Cigar Lounge, value our clients. Our focus is delivering the best cigar experience to weddings in the New Jersey, NYC, Philadelphia, and Long Island areas. Our team consists of 100% Veteran Owned and Operated.

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