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Why a Weekday Wedding May Be Right for You

Why a Weekday Wedding May Be Right for You

There was a time when weekday weddings were so popular, they were considered chic with an “It Factor” that breaks from convention. So many of the European royal weddings were celebrated on weekdays as well. There are just so many weekday wedding benefits for our couples, that we wanted to list them for you. First up is availability!

Meaningful Dates are Available

You may have a special day that’s personally meaningful to you or your family, perhaps a day that honors a memory that’s significant to your relationship. Bringing your loved ones together on that date that has true meaning, and in celebration of your beautiful union, can only add to the sentimental feeling of this day.

If this important date falls on a weekday, chances are good that date is available from your chosen wedding vendors. Weekday weddings allow couples to land the most special date with your most perfect wedding venue.

Cost Benefit 

Many venues institute a policy where the busier weekend days will be pricier than weekdays. Therefore, booking on a Monday, Thursday or other weekday is an easy way to save substantial amounts of money.

In addition, prices from your wedding vendors such as florists, hotels, transportation companies, DJ’s, photographers may bring you some savings for a weekday wedding. These vendors typically have similar policies in which they offer savings for their weekday availability.

More Memories to Make

You may also find that planning a Thursday or Monday wedding gives you more quality time with your loved ones on the weekend. You can consider hosting a small gathering, some fun events like a local wine tasting or family hike. Or a simple day of relaxation to unwind prior to or after your wedding day will be a special way to make more beautiful memories associated with your wedding.

Benefits to Your Guests 

One of the reservations some people have about booking weekday weddings is that many guests have work the next day and may not be able to attend the event. One way to make this easier on your guests and ensure their presence on your big day is to simply select an earlier time for the end of your wedding.

For example, at our venues, a majority of our events end around 11pm, whereas for a weekday we would suggest starting and ending slightly earlier possibly around 9:30 PM or 10 PM. We find that our weekday weddings allow for the same joyful celebrations no matter the start and end times.

Your wedding guests may also enjoy more transportation and accommodation options, plus fewer travel and traffic headaches during the week.

Your wedding just might be the welcomed, unexpected break your guests need during the week. Some may relish the idea of playing hooky or taking a well-needed day off from the typical routines to celebrate your wedding day.

Serene Setting

Weekday weddings can be so lovely, there’s something about midweek that just feels more serene. You may find an intimate wedding celebration perfect for you, with less stress and pressure then planning a large weekend wedding. More attention to one another and your close loved ones could be just what you’re looking for.

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