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Posted by The Mobile Cigar Lounge on 05/01/2020

Why do people smoke cigars to celebrate?

Why do people smoke cigars to celebrate?

In the late 1400s, explorers on Christopher Columbus’ voyage were introduced to tobacco by the Native Americans.  When they returned to Europe, Spain and Portugal soon started taking interest in the cigar smoking. By the mid-16th century, Europe and North America started to commercially grow tobacco. Soon, Spain developed a refined art of carefully wrapping the tobacco leaves into the recognizable cigar which we see today.   Since then, the cigar became the vessel for socializing, the connection for milestones, and a popular interest for many people.

Cigar smoking became a vessel for socializing and relaxation among people. The cigar was a slow smoke, allowing one to take the time to enjoy and appreciate it while interacting with others. It was during these times where people interacted with each other. The incredible cigar experience soon became connected with milestones, memories, and celebrations.

As life and time progresses, we become involved in key moments in not only our lives but in others. These moments can be correlated with a high degree of emotion and action. For example, graduating college, a wedding, the birth of your first child, and many more are associated with these milestones. In these instances, one would like to cherish and capture these moments. With today’s technology, memories can be easily captured on our phones, but we find that capturing these moments with an association to an object is much more compelling. The ability to breathe in and take in the moment are what memories are made of.

Famous writers, artists, and leaders became well known for their love of cigars. For example, Zino Davidoff said, “The best cigar in the world is the one you prefer to smoke on special occasions, enabling you to relax and enjoy that which gives you maximum pleasure.” For many people, a cigar can immortalize an event or experience in one’s life. Which is why, cigar rollers and cigar bars became extremely popular at weddings and birthdays. The strong relationships a smoke creates between strangers is a powerful testament to the history and culture of cigars.

Why wouldn’t you take an opportunity to add something different and memorable at your event?

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