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Posted by Enchanted Celebrations on 02/20/2020

Winter Wedding Photos and Videos

Winter Wedding Photos and Videos


Baby, it’s cold outside! Have you ever thought about celebrating your wedding during the wintertime? As the warmer months out of the year are popular for weddings, the winter season often gets overlooked. However, it is seriously SO underrated! Just think about those outdoor portraits surrounded by the glow of Christmas lights or the snowy grounds. When it’s time to warm up, head inside and start by breaking a sweat on the dance floor! With a winter wedding, there a tons of opportunities to make the best of the frosty weather. At Enchanted Celebrations, we have celebrated numerous weddings for our loving couples during the cozy season and captured incredible winter wedding photos and videos to show for it. Over the years, our team took note of our favorites for that winter wedding inspiration you’ve been looking for.

From chic color palettes to trending venue locations, we hope this post will have you warming up to winter weddings. Winter brides, it’s time to escape to a winter wonderland!


Say hello to dusty blues, silvers, and sparkle galore! Pairing these more quiet hues with the snowy outdoors will take your winter wedding to the next level. If your winter wedding photos and videos seem like they were taken at the North Pole, then you’re probably doing this color palette right! 

Let’s take a little wintry trip back to Jamie and John’s December wedding at the gorgeous Bradford Estate. During their portrait session and first look, a blanket of snow covered the grounds and lightly dusted the winter trees. Talk about romantic! This cute couple held each other tight to keep warm and then they were off to enjoy the remainder of the night’s festivities indoors. Another couple’s wedding that takes the prize for leaving us praying for a snow day goes to Lilliann  and James. They also shared some snowflake kisses outside posing for their portraits. Lillian’s beautiful bouquet contributed a pop of color with the red roses to their fun snow-filled photo shoot. 

Now, if you’re thinking that there’s just snow way that a wedding could get even more magical in the winter, Melissa and Richard’s wedding videography has a unique story to tell! These two cuties got married at an amazing South Jersey venue, The Mansion on Main Street. As if this venue could not get any more elegant, the picturesque snow filled the air (just like their true love did!). Melissa’s white beaded gown matched the sparkling snow that covered the grounds of The Mansion. Seriously, watch this video and you’ll be in the mood for a cozy night in with a warm blanket and hot chocolate with your favorite person!


May your winter wedding photos and videos be merry and bright! That’s what this season is all about, so why not spread a little extra holiday love in the air for your winter wedding? 

As one example, our couple Mackenzie and Jarrod emphasized their love for all things merry and bright with their Christmas themed wedding colors. Smithville Inn, their wedding venue, always decks the halls and lights up their village for the holiday season. Mackenzie’s maroon and ivory flower bouquet paired with the rest of the emerald holly, shimmering lights, and other details in place were the perfect addition. Similarly, Samantha and Jake tied the knot in December of 2018 and highlighted joyful shades of Christmastime red and green throughout their ballroom scene. These colors made the already rustic ambiance and holiday decorations at Blue Heron Pines Golf Club even more spectacular!

Speaking of venues that decorate for the holidays, add this one to your list of dream winter wedding venues. If you thought Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ was only meant to be a summertime beachy getaway at the Jersey Shore, think again! Nicole and Paul is one example of a venue that provides Christmastime magic and sparkle even before adding your own flair. The venue featured candy cane pillars, holly, wreaths, and of course, Christmas lights! Check out Nicole’s vibrant bouquet full of warm reds and pinks for more color inspo.

So…are you team cool, icy tones or rich and bold festive colors? Maybe a little bit of both? Since the winter already brings us holiday colors like reds and greens, take full advantage of that for your own winter wedding photos and videos. Get creative and tie in the holiday cheer to a romantic Christmas theme or a snowy paradise. 


As you begin to plan your own winter wedding, embrace the colors and beauty that this season already provides all in its own right! There are even amazing venues that will bring your dream winter wedding to life.

Don’t miss out on taking a look at our favorite winter wedding photos and videos over the years below. You can always feel free to contact us to learn more about winter weddings (download our FREE guide below!), photography, or our other services and promotions!


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