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Using digital cinematography to capture any special moment leading up to the wedding...and beyond!

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For all those engaged couples out there, let us produce an engagement video for you and also capture all other important moments for you leading up to your wedding. 

Foreverett Stories is your professional, on-demand, on-site digital cinematography service. You can think of us as your personal cinematographer, devoted to being able to show up on-site to your location more or less at your beck and call to capture meaningful experiences for you along your journey. Through our core competency and expertise in conveying that which we capture through a documentary-storytelling-lens, we'll take the cinematic-footage that we record and post-produce it into content that looks and feels as though you are watching a mini-cinematic docu-series episode.

These videos, which will become digital assets that you own forever, will be heartfelt, impactful, and will resonate with you, your friends and your families for years to come. 

How do we offer all of this to you? Through CAPTURE CREDITS on subscription. 1 capture credit is 1 video production with which you can use to capture anything of your choosing. Based on your needs and budget, together we'll figure out how many capture credits in a 12-month period that you'll get.

Our flagship video product for engaged couples is the engagement video, yet there are so many other moments and experiences we can record for you as you go through your engagement and wedding journey. Even after the wedding, we want to grow with you and maybe even your growing family! So at that point, you can think of us as your personal life cinematographer.

With capture credits, the sky's the limit! Capture Credits never expire, can be gifted, used for anything that we do (we also capture business moments for your own personal business). You tell us when & where and we'll deliver to you a highly engaging, documentary-style, cinema-grade video. Follow us on IG and Facebook @foreverettstories. For a personal consultation, call Craig Ingber at (908) 403-2191 or email him at We are excited to create memories with you!


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