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Posted by The Skin and Wellness Center on 03/30/2016

Face Sculpting - the - Natural- Face Lift

Face Sculpting - the - Natural- Face Lift

What if we can delay and or even prevent signs of aging?  

What if with a simple procedure, we can take years off your appearance?

What if we can tighten and tone skin that has lost its elasticity?

And Give you a more youthful appearance.

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but the skincare industry has evolved throughout the years and Science has provided us with a treatment that can give you the results of plastic surgery without the surgery.

Face Sculpting, is an amazing treatment backed by science and remarkable results.

To better understand how these amazing results are achieved. We must give you the facts behind the science.

Our Face Sculpting Treatment uses a Microcurrent technology that utilizes over 15 years of research in Cellular Resonance technology (which is the recordings of biological signals) along with the latest advances in modern electronics.

Designed to turn on the natural biological processes of cellular regeneration and enhance systemic balance, this technology has given us a treatment that allows us to resonate the intricate language of bioelectrical impulses within the cells.

It’s amazing to think that we could send electronic signals to our cells to improve overall health.

However, it makes complete sense. If we are all made up of cells and aging seems to begin at the cellular level (in the cells). Does it not make sense to be able improve the cellular health of the organism, so that it may live longer?

Our Face Sculpting treatment systemic approach to Anti-aging comes from the scientific point of view of elevating the body’s overall physiological functioning, so that the body can fulfill a natural function of healing and regenerating more efficiently.

It is theorized that the aging process results in a shifting of homeostasis and loss of metabolic control. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to maintain a balanced inner environment that is necessary for healthy functioning, considered the most important component of health, prolonged youth and longevity. Homeostasis ensures that cell metabolic functions will run smoothly, that fibroblast will have an adequate production of collagen, and that all these processes will be combined with other body processes in systemic regularity. It is the body’s inner wisdom that fights illness and delays aging.

Promote Homeostasis, promote the health of the cellular organism, is promoting your skin and body’s overall health.

Alongside, Homeostasis, the Face Sculpting technology helps increase the chemical fuel that energizes the cell functioning (ATP/Adenosine Triphosphate) up to 500%. Imagine having up to 500% more energy when you exercise, the same concept can be applied with Face Sculpting.

Face Sculpting’s nanometer frequency delivers cellular regeneration to the muscles without the release of lactic acid. Lactic Acid is known to break down muscle fiber. Face Sculpting technology stimulates muscle fibers by causing a contraction to shrink the muscle fibers, and reeducating the facial muscles to restore them back to a healthy more youthful appearance.

Working with both the skin and the muscles, creates the perfect balance for facial sculpting and contouring.

Here are the many benefits you can achieve with Face Sculpting.

-Overall tones, tighten and firms the skin

-Contours jaw line, reducing sagging jowls and double chins

-Tightens neck area

-Lifts and tightens eyebrow

-Reduces crows feet

-Reduces fine lines around the lip area

-Reduces the appearance of the nasal labial fold

-Improves skin tone while lifting facial muscles

-Sculpts your facial features

-Increases the production of collagen, elastin and other proteins

-Reduces hyperpigmentation

-Reduces eye swelling and dark circles

-Oxygenates and detoxifies

-Improves circulation

-Enhances the healing of acne, melasma and rosacea

At a fraction of the price of plastic surgery, Face Sculpting is affordable and will give your similar or even better results, without the downtime of surgery. Schedule an appointment today at 732.324.6506.


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