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Heat Mask

Heat Mask

Steam vs. Heat Mask


Have you ever wondered  why you had breakouts after a facial?

When you think of a facial, you think of pampering, music and massage with the purpose of cleansing the skin.

Originally facials started with the luxury of steam machines, designed to soften the skin. Over time, it was visible that the steam did not penetrate deep enough to allow ease of extractions. The client found themselves leaving sometimes with more outbreaks then when they first started. The outbreaks occurred due to the fact that steam, only soften the top layer of the pore and therefore did not allow the technician to fully extract the pore, leaving the pore still congested.

Visually, with steam machines we are looking at pushing a square peg through a round hole.

Now with the advancement of technology, Heat Mask has paved the way to fully extracting pores and allowing ease of extractions.

Designed to heat up the facial bone, to liquefy any sebum trapped in the dermis and allow hardened sebum to move up towards the surface, Heat Mask has allowed us to properly prep the skin for extractions and for the facial. Allowing patients to leave the treatment room with less trauma to their skin and full penetration of skincare products.

Try a heat mask facial today and see a gratifying difference on your skin.

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