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Highly Reccomended

Thank you Abella Studios for being a part of our special day! We couldn't be happier with getting the videography package for our wedding. We do not regret a thing! Brandon was awesome! From start to finish he captured every moment in the most beautiful way. I recommend Brandon for your day-of videographer! Thank you you again for everything!

Submitted by Rachel

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Abella Studios Most Recent Recommendations

December Wedding

Abella Studios was the perfect match for our big day. They offered us an amazing package for photo & video for our 300 person wedding that accommodated our price range and wishes. Come wedding day, the crew that covered everything from morning to night were kind, professional, friendly and mostly importantly SUPER TALENTED. They guided us, were open to our suggestions & ideas and just simply were a pleasure to work with. Our finals were above our expectations and we truly couldn't be happier with choosing Abella for our favorite day!!

Submitted by Gabrielle Candido

We recommend Abella Studios to anyone for the wedding of their dreams.

Abella covered our engagement shoot and our entire wedding - they exceeded our greatest expectations the whole way through. We were very serious about getting our Picture/Video vendor right since you only get to experience your wedding day once. I can't express enough how we couldn't be happier with choosing Abella. They were a pleasure to work with and they really have an amazing crew. The SDE video blew everyone away. The picture and video quality for the shots that they captured were spectacular. We would recommend Abella studios to anyone and everyone for the wedding of their dreams.

Submitted by Jamie N

The Best Videographers Around!

The Abella Team is fantastic to work with! From the first e-mail inquiry to reviewing our wedding day footage, every correspondence from Milissa and Ryan was prompt and professional. The day of our wedding, we had the pleasure of working with Dylan and Damien. These two very talented individuals did an amazing job of filming all of the important parts as well as capturing some incredibly special candid moments. We also want to highlight the team’s kindness and compassion. A few weeks after our wedding, our dear friend was tragically killed in the senseless act of violence in NYC. Dylan looked through hours of footage and sent us whatever he could find. It meant the world that they dropped everything to provide us with even just a few minutes of our friend dancing and enjoying himself. We are so thankful for everything Abella Studios has done for us and will forever be grateful we had the opportunity to work with this company.

Submitted by Stephanie C

If you want the perfect wedding day captured, you must use Abella!

Don't settle for average when you can have the best in the business at incredible value. Abella's professionalism, expertise and overall experience made our wedding day PERFECT! We did a fair amount of shopping around prior to our wedding and once we met with Abella Studios, Marc, and the rest of Abella's staff, it wasn't even close. Their packages are very accommodating and the quality of their pictures and videos is incredible. We had Tom, Pil, and Dillon work their magic from early in the morning until the final hour of the wedding. They didn't stop once! They captured every amazing moment, every facial expression, dance move, etc. all without being intrusive. They were available and willing to accommodate any on-the-spot request and of course came up with some thoughtful ideas of their own. Abella was their every step of the way and really exceeding our expectations. We wouldn't change a thing. Thank you Abella!!!

Submitted by Nick S

Wedding 11/5 in Spring Lake

My wedding was on November 5th at the Mill in Spring Lake, NJ. We used Abella for videography. We were absolutely blown away by every single person we worked with. From Jade in the office to our day of videographers (Dylan and Damien) and our Same-day editor (Miguel). I absolutely loved how our same-day-edit turned out (I have probably watched it at least 50 times). Guests in attendance at the wedding could not stop talking about it and people we have shared it with who did not attend were equally blown away. We can't thank all of these people enough for helping to make our day perfect. We can not wait to see the full edited video. I highly recommend Abella studios!

Submitted by Brooke Leahy Shore

Wedding Day Videography

We could not be happier with Abella studios! They were incredibly easy to work with, and very professional. They captured beautiful shots of our wedding day, and our guests were completely blown away by the same day edit. So was I, I must have watched it 100 times by now! People who were not in attendance at the wedding have seen the SDE and told us that it really made them feel like they were there. We just received a cut of the full length video and absolutely love it. We have already recommended Abella to several friends, and we will continue to do so!

Submitted by Laurie S.


My wedding was on August 6, 2017 and Abella did the most amazing job!!! Tim and Henry were our photographers and they couldn’t have been more professional and accommodating. I gave Tim a huge list of shots I wanted to make sure I got the day of the wedding and he made sure I had every single one. Even towards the end of the party he realized we missed a few from my list and he pulled my husband and I to make sure I got everything I wanted. Our videographers were just as great! Our video is something we will cherish forever. Abella also sent me all my pictures only 1 month after my wedding!!! Milissa at the office of Abella Studios is so helpful and responsive. Overall, I had an amazing experience with Abella Studios, and I highly recommend them!!!!

Submitted by Elana D.

The Masterpiece Experience

Abella's staff is super professional and it shows through their work. Their same day edits are amazing and captures all the right moments. There are many packages to choose from ranging from around $2000-$4000. We chose the masterpiece set for both photography and cinematography. It was very expensive but completely worth it. Our photographer was Tom and our cinematographers were Davitte & Damian. Our Same Day Editor was Miguel.  They did an amazing job! Our parents loved the same day edit and our guests were so astonished to see that such a great video was produced that same day. We got a lot of compliments and people wondering which company we used. We have not seen the photos yet, but I did manage to sneak a glance at the preview on the camera. It looked pretty nice from what I saw, so I am very excited to begin building my photo albums soon. The best thing that Abella offers for their photography services is that you get all the images the photographer takes.

Submitted by Vicky Nguyen

Best Photographer and Videography - Will Not Disappoint!

My wife and I tried our best to find some companies that does cinematography. However, since there was a bundle for doing it with both cinematography and photography, we cancelled on our photographer (who was excellent as well) and decided to give Abella Studios a try. I'll be perfectly honest: the price was a little too much for me in the beginning. Between both the photography and cinematography, it came out to around $8000. Despite this, everything was excellent. They came on time, took lots of shots and lugged their equipment around to different places to help us capture our moment, and their Same Day Edit (SDE) was crazy good. We had lots of people ask us how they created such a professional video so quickly. Also, quick shoutout to our videographer Damian who we had a blast shooting with. Very fun guy and went along with our crazy ideas which made the video that much more interesting. Thanks for making my special day spectacular!

Submitted by Jonathan Nguyen

Awesome SDE and Great Videographers!!

My wife and I tried our best to find some companies that does cinematography. However, since there was a bundle for doing it with both cinematography and photography, we cancelled on our photographer (who was excellent as well) and decided to give Abella Studios a try. I'll be perfectly honest: the price was a little too much for me in the beginning. Between both the photography and cinematography, it came out to around $8000. Despite this, everything was excellent. They came on time, took lots of shots and lugged their equipment around to different places to help us capture our moment, and their Same Day Edit (SDE) was crazy good. We had lots of people ask us how they created such a professional video so quickly. Also, quick shoutout to our videographer Damian who we had a blast shooting with. Very fun guy and went along with our crazy ideas which made the video that much more interesting. Thanks for making my special day spectacular!

Submitted by Jonathan Nguyen

7.23.2017 Wedding

We can’t thank Abella Studios enough for all the incredible work they did for our engagement pictures and wedding! On the day of our wedding, the photographer and videographers all showed up on time and with the same patience and organization as the other photographer from our engagement shoot. We got the same day edit video that had the entire room teary eyed, it captured such beautiful moments that were so special to us. It is something we can watch over and over and it will always bring back those feelings we felt that day. When we got the pictures from our wedding day they left us speechless. The photographer was able to capture such artistic, beautiful shots of our special day that we will treasure forever. Every person that I dealt with from Abella Studios was so helpful, professional and always so quick to answer. They were all extremely organized and helped to keep things easy for me throughout the whole planning process. We can’t recommend them enough for your special day!

Submitted by Juli Couceiro

Highly recommend

Abella did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding photos and the cinematography!! Great team to work with!

Submitted by Sonja Pavlik


Abella studios did our photography and cinematography for our wedding in February! It is unbelievable how they captured our day so perfectly. We are so thankful that we booked this company, with their amazing staff. Milissa was beyond helpful in planning our day and answering my (tons of) questions! Our two cinematographers, Mark and Domini went above and beyond to grab special moments. Tom, our photographer was fabulous! He truly engulfed the joy of the day in his photographs and made us feel amazing. We highly recommend Abella studios to anyone looking for their day to be captured perfectly! Thank you Abella!

Submitted by Justeen Carvale

Stunning Photos

My husband and I highly recommend using Abella studios. They are true professionals. Everything has been so efficient and straightforward: from our initial consult with Ryan, to preparing for our actual wedding day, to corresponding with them after for album design. Tomasz was our photographer and was truly fantastic. He was so dedicated to our day and went above and beyond to get breathtaking shots. We decided to look into Abella after several of my classmates had their Abella wedding pictures posted online. Their images were truly one-of-a-kind and so striking. We received our images surprisingly quickly after our wedding, and they are nothing short of the perfection that led us to work with Abella. Designing the wedding album will be tough with so many stellar photos to choose from, but we cannot wait to have the finished product as a perfect memory of the day

Submitted by Christine C

April wedding

We were very pleased with our decision to choose Abella for our wedding photos/video! The photographer and videographer worked well together and were both professional. They pulled us aside for a few pictures during the reception. These pictures came out great and it only took a few minutes, so we didn't feel like we were missing out on the reception. We were able to view the photos about 2 weeks after the wedding. There is a great selection to choose from. We can't wait to view the video and trailer. Definitely would recommend.

Submitted by Carolyn K.

Glowing Review for Abella Studios

We used Abella Studios for our wedding video, but unfortunately hired another company for our photography. Unlike the photographers that we hired, the two videographers from Abella were courteous, professional and did their job seamlessly. They were creative in their vision and captured all of the most important moments without being invasive. We had significant problems with our photographers. After the wedding, we learned that the photographers did not to take any photos of the bride's family and friends. Even though Abella was unrelated to the photography company and had no obligation , they did anything in their power to help us. This was above and beyond anything that they needed to do. If we could do it all over again, we would have entrusted Abella with all of our photography and video needs. From their photographers to their event coordinator, Abella was exceptional. We absolutely and without hesitation recommend Abella to everyone.

Submitted by Maria Vallejo

Review for Abella Studios

Had a great experience with Abella. They were easy to work with, even when it came to some schedule changes that happened a week before our event. The videographers were professional and pleasant, and our same-day edit came out great! Would absolutely work with them again!

Submitted by Mike K

The Best Videographers!

We were so happy that we chose Abella Studios as our videographers! They were very helpful and responsive leading up to our wedding and worked closely with us to make sure that we had all the necessary coverage throughout our wedding day. On the day of the wedding, they went above and beyond to capture every detail but did it in a way that was not intrusive at all! The Same Day Edit Video they delivered at the end of the night was AMAZING! Every little detail was thought through! Thank you Abella Studios for everything!!! We will definitely be recommending this vendor to all of our friends who need videography for their upcoming events!

Submitted by Katya L

Definitly worth it!

Very professional and organized. Easy to work with. Worked hard to make my day the best day ever! Remembered all the types of photos/poses I requested to take on my wedding day even when I forgot what I asked for. I am very pleased with the final product. Photos/video are exactly what I envisioned!

Submitted by Abella Studios

Abellas <3

My new wife and I researched through a lot of different photo/video companies in the NJ area, and we were both impressed by the samples of Abella Studios' work, and recommendations that came from the many wedding websites as well as the venue we had picked. They also had a lot of prior experience with working at our venue. On the day of the wedding, all of the photographers and videographers provided excellent direction for the shots, made everyone in the wedding party and family feel comfortable in front of the cameras, and were always professional throughout the long day. And needless to say, their work turned out great! We were provided with a LOT of high-quality shots to choose from. We highly recommend Abella Studios for any special occasion.

Submitted by S K

Great Photographer

We picked Abella for our photography after my brother used them for his wedding last year. This is just speaking about the whole experience on our wedding day, since we haven't gotten copies of our photos yet. Our photographer was Tim C. and he was fantastic!! He was professional, funny, efficient and very nice. He was totally accommodating and was really flexible regarding our requests and timing throughout the day. I highly recommend him. We can't wait to get our photos!

Submitted by Kyri K

The Perfect Video!

If you are undecided about who you want to hire for your wedding look no further! Abella Studios did an amazing job on our same day edit and our video! Married people say you only watch your video once, I have watched our same day edit about 100 times and our wedding video at least 5 times already because I just love the job Abella Studios did putting our video together. Thank you Abella Studios I can't wait to use your company again!

Submitted by Cecelia

Great Photographer!

We were very happy with this vendor through the entire process. All staff was helpful and accommodating. We were impressed with their professionalism and ideas from the photographer and would recommend them to everyone!

Submitted by Bill M.

Best Vendor!!!

We are so happy we went with Abella for photos/video! They were very responsive and helpful every step of the way. We highly recommend them to others!!

Submitted by Janine K.


The team at Abella Studios are worth every penny. They helped capture every aspect of my wedding day and helped the day flow smoothly. They arrived on time, were professional, and great to work with. Even my husband was impressed and so glad we chose them. Our Same Day Edit video blew guests away- people are still talking about it. I would highly recommend them for your big day!

Submitted by Kristi

Best in NJ!!!

A+++++ We are SO HAPPY that we chose Abella Studios for our videographer/cinematographer. Our wedding same day edit video (SDE) absolutely blew our guests away. They went above and beyond to capture the moment with such beauty. While shooting, they were patient, friendly, and professional. If you want the best for your wedding day, you have to go with Abella. You won't regret it, you'll only thank yourself later.

Submitted by Francesca Montalvo

Awesome Staff

Thank You Abellas for making our wedding day everything we wanted it to be! My wife and I still can not get over our same day edit! We have guests telling us they have never seen such a thing before & to know it was ALL done the same day! The pictures came out amazing and the photographers and videographers were just awesome! Thank You so much! It was money well spent!

Submitted by Joseph C.

Thank You - Jessica C.

I remember seeing Abellas at a Wedding Show! The second I watched a same day edit video I knew I had to have them as our photographers/ videgraphers for our wedding!! The money we spent was worth every penny, specially once seeing our Same Day Edit! Everyone LOVED our video and I am currently having guest ask who we used, so they can use the same company! Thank You Abellas for making our wedding day everything we hoped it would be.. the pictures and video were just breath taking!

Submitted by Jessica C.

Will Not Disappoint!

When we were thinking about a photographer for our wedding, we wanted to make sure that we got the absolute best, as having great pictures was very important to us. We are so glad we picked Abella Studios to photograph our day, because they went above and beyond! Thomas was our photographer, and we truly could not have asked for anyone better. Thomas took amazing pictures, was not intrusive, and was exactly where he needed to be at all times. The weather on our wedding day was less than perfect, but Thomas had great ideas that made for wonderful pictures. He was very understanding when things had to change day of due to the weather, and didn’t let the weather affect the mood. He made the pictures fun, and made things extremely comfortable for our whole bridal party. We would absolutely recommend Abella Studios to anyone looking to capture all the perfect moments of your special day, they will not disappoint!

Submitted by Bailey

Amazing staff !

Being the most magical day in my life , Abellas studio did not let me down. The photographer was able to capture my special day and made my daughter feel very comfortable to take pictures. I can't stop looking at my photos and have played my same day editing over and over again. I highly recommend that you pay the extra for Same day editing. You won't regret. Thanks you abella's studio for making my wedding the best day of my life.

Submitted by Janet T

Abellas studio is top quality

Being a guy , you usually take a back seat and let your wife choose all the wedding vendors out. However when it came to photography/videography I was involved in the decision and was totally impressed with abellas studio. The price didn't make a gigantic hole in my pocket and after seeing my video and photos I should've paid them double for the work they produced. Their team was awesome and didn't let me down or my wife. Happy wife= happy life..winning Definitely will recommend to friends getting married and will use them again. Respectfully Michael Bucior

Submitted by Michael Bucior

Thank you

Thank you Abella for everything. Brandon was nothing but amazing for our day-of videographer. Couldn't be happier with how the day went.

Submitted by Ethan Fisher

Preserved our Perfect Day!

Our Wedding Day was beautiful and I am so happy that Abella was able to preserve the special moments for us! We ordered photography and videography packages through Abella Studios. The shooters were so friendly and made the process of taking photos fun and easy. They were attentive and took photos/videos of everything we requested them, too. We got our products in a timely fashion, and the quality was outstanding. Our favorite part was the Same Day Edit. It left every guest at our wedding stunned. How could such a wonderful video be edited so quickly? Thanks, Abella!

Submitted by Dawn Fischer

A MUST Choice For Your Wedding!

I found Abella Studios through a Google search. The reviews of other couples had helped me, so I'd like to do the same. Abella Studios work speaks for itself. When my mother and I went to their studio we were shown a few pieces of their work. We literally cried watching other people's wedding videos because their work was so amazing. I knew instantly that they were perfect for my wedding. Everything with Abella went smoothly from start to finish. Our guests all mentioned how they didn't even know we had a videographer because they weren't intrusive to our ceremony or event. Honesty, I don't even remember seeing the videographers, yet they captured every single moment as if they were standing right next to us. We recently got to watch out wedding video. Even my husband for teary-eyed. It was absolutely beautiful. We got to watch things we never even know occurred and got to relive other things, like our first dance together as husband and wife.

Submitted by