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Made by Daniel Leocadi, Collodionist and a 1901 Century Camera

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Using a process of alchemy - silver, light, and a 1901 Century camera Daniel captures photographs onto glass or metal plates. These photographs are also known as tintypes and ambrotypes and are created using one of the earliest photographic processes from the 1850's called wet plate collodion. Once created the plate is essentially an original physical work of art - a copy of the truth that can’t be changed or reproduced, and if taken care of can last hundreds of years. The surreal and raw quality can’t be matched by any digital process today - many try to duplicate with modern equipment but fail. Each plate is always unique and is a product of many variables of the day it was taken such as temperature, humidity, light, chemical formulas and techniques to list but a few. 

We have a Victorian style portrait studio in the heart of Lambertville, NJ and offer a unique experience that will help celebrate your special day. We are also available for special on location shooting. This is a truly unique art form that is rare to find.


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Submitted by Nicole Funghini

My husband and I booked a session at his studio in Lambertville, NJ and it was an experience that I will always remember...

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In a world where one million photographs are shot and posted at the blink of an eye, Daniel's studio stands apart. The tintype medium is kept alive by his careful eye and it shows. My husband and I booked a session at his studio in Lambertville, NJ and it was an experience that I will always remember as I have the beautiful heirloom glass image to remind me. We were made to be a part of the entire process starting from learning about the history of the craft, to the details of the camera and finally the developing of the image. Daniel remarked that the final step of a tintype shot is like magic, and he employed the most perfect description; It was just like magic.

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Examples of my unique work - each photograph is handmade, pure analogue no digital tomfoolery....