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Top 10 Wedding Drink Trends for 2015

Top 10 Wedding Drink Trends for 2015

At Westminster Weddings, our mixologists have created some gorgeous and inventive drinks for our wedding couples, including cleverly-named and tasty signature cocktails. We know, after all, that wedding guests have never been more in-the-know about their cocktails, wines and beers, and they look forward to enjoying an open bar filled with terrific options.
So to help you plan your wedding bar, here are the top wedding drink trends for 2015:
• “Wines from green/sustainable farming sources are a top trend in weddings today,” says Jono Moratis, our Director of Food and Beverage. Guests certainly do know their wines, and they appreciate a wine list populated with organic vintages.
• Wines from local wineries. Moratis also points to the big wedding trend of featuring locally-grown and locally-produced wines, as we have many NJ and NY vineyards and wineries to choose from.
• Wine or beer selection reflecting the bride or groom's country of origin or family heritage. With weddings so beautifully personalized, it’s now a top trend to source wines or beers in tribute to the couple’s family background.
• Craft-brewed beer station. Craft-brewed beers, especially locally-brewed NJ beers, are always a hit with wedding guests who appreciate the opportunity to taste artisan beer flavors in flavors they might not buy for themselves at home. Your craft-brewed beer station becomes a fantastic tasting station, especially when paired with bites like our pigs in blankets.
• Classic cocktails. We’re seeing a return to classic cocktails of past decades, such as the Mad Men-inspired drinks list including the Sidecar, classic martinis, and 1920s and 1930s speakeasy-style gin drinks. Again, these are drinks that guests might not make for themselves, and they appreciate a skilled mixologists’ way with timeless classic drinks.
• Multiple signature drinks. When signature drinks first arrived on the wedding scene years ago, couples often chose one signature drink named for the two of them or suiting their theme. Now, wedding couples are so in love with signature drinks that they might have four or five of them available during the reception, as well as different signature drinks offered upon guests’ arrival and at the cocktail party. Having more than one signature cocktail lets you get creative with your drink flavors, theme a drink tasting station at your cocktail party, and also offer dessert signature drinks.
• Smaller signature drinks. As a way to offer unique signature drinks, and cut down on a costs a bit to make more of your wedding budget, a top wedding trend is offering signature drink ‘sippers:’ smaller servings of those creative cocktails. The past few years have shown that guests like to try signature cocktails, but they might take a few sips and then return to that terrific wine they’re enjoying. So, smaller pours allow for tasting treats without waste.
• Drink-food pairings. Tasting bar stations pair wines, beers and cocktails with perfectly-matched menu elements, from cocktail party fare to dinners to desserts. Your mixologist and chef work together to make the perfect matches for your standout wedding menu and bar list.
• Fewer neon colors. Those electric blue cocktails and other neon colored-drinks of the past few years are now being replaced by more elegant, naturally-toned drinks as wedding guests appreciate more organic ingredients in their drinks. Drink colors are a factor in styling a wedding menu, with wedding couples having a hue in mind, such as choosing a Pantone® Color of the Year color scheme (in 2015, it’s the berry shade of Marsala) and planning drinks to coordinate with their décor, flowers and print items. But even with color in mind, those neon-colored drinks are now more often left to shore bars and college bars, with wedding drinks toned down a bit.
• Herbal elements. Fresh, farm-to-table herbs are now incorporated into wedding cocktails, such as herbal infusions and herb garnishes, for all-natural flair, scent and taste that wedding guests love in their drinks, as well as in their wedding menu choices.
• Artisinal ice. From ice spheres to ice cylinders and ice cubes with edible flowers or herbs in them, the ice in your wedding cocktails now have some creative shape and color for added panache to your wedding drink presentations.

Visit us at www.westminsterweddings.net for more details on the top wedding trends for 2015.

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