Happy camper right here..... Aldo Ryan Entertainment delivered a different and unique type of service.When I first met Aldo I knew right away that we had the right person for the job. His level of commitment and attention to detail were on point, it's as if we had an instant connection that we were right for each other. He shows a genuine interest in you. Our first dance was off the chain,oh no was the BOMB. Thank you guys so much!!

Submitted by Trudie & Odel

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superior to the rest of them

Where do I start when talking about Aldo and Aldo Ryan Entertainment? First, my husband and I first had the pleasure of seeing Aldo and DJ ExeQtive in full swing at a friend's wedding last year and from there we knew we needed him for our wedding. When we initially met with Aldo it was like sitting down with a family member, he knew exactly what we needed, what we didn't, and that's always a plus when planning a huge event. Aldo our Wedding Entertainment Director, DJ ExeQtive, and Nehal our MC gave us their undivided time, never any rushing, and they showed us exactly how organized our wedding would be (they're truly the freaking best). Even after almost three weeks after our wedding day, our guests are still raving about the uber superior work that Aldo Ryan Entertainment provided us. We love Aldo, DJ ExeQtive, and Nehal. You will never find a better entertainment company than Aldo Ryan Entertainment, and that's a guarantee!!!!

Submitted by Latisha

Very impressed with their work

Nehal and Joey from Aldo Ryan Entertainment were simply the best!!! The music was outstanding and everyone didn't get off the dance floor once including myself! He is so outgoing, kind and such a fun time!! They're so professional and amazing at their job, I'm so happy with the outcome of everything!!

Submitted by Chris & Lisa


Jon and Nehal were a great entertainment duo for our wedding. They mixed a great variety of music genres that kept all ages on their feet. Nehal was very professional and made sure all introductions and names were pronounced correctly and was able to meet and exceed our expectations.

Submitted by Ashley And Brian

I didn't dance until I was at my wedding. Jon is spectacular

The DJ we utilized, Jon Divine, was the complete opposite of the typical wedding DJ. He was professional, knowledgeable, and super fun throughout the entire wedding while still making it feel modern and energetic. Our guests had a blast and so did my wife and I. He even helped us with unconventional requests since we both are more into alternative-like music. I highly recommend him and his team for any event. We will certainly use him again in the future for more events and ask for him by name!

Submitted by Rocco

The most fun (and not corny) DJ

Joey is THE BEST! I met with other DJs and he was everything I wanted and more!!!! . He's a people's person, super fun, attentive, and energetic. He totally got my need for him to not be a nuisance MC but he balanced it so well with getting the crowd going when needed. He made the whole event flow seamlessly by pacing the music and events correctly and he even sang a beautiful song at the end of our reception which was touching.

Submitted by Jeananne & Mike


AMAZING!!!! Words cant describe how great Aldo & Dj Exequtive are! From the very beginnig Aldo just got us and knew exactly what we were looking for. They went above and beyond to help us and plan. Our wedding was perfect! I cant thank them enough! Nataliya is great too! No wedding experience will ever be the same after you attend an event Aldo Ryan and his team have been a part of! Cheers!

Submitted by Idrissa

book them, they are beyond incredible

Aldo is such a unique, loving, patient, creative and extraordinary person with a wonderful gift. I have never met anyone like him before he truly cares about his clients and he goes above and beyond to give you everything you want. Aldo and DJ Exeqtive had everyone on the dance they are not capable of throwing a party where people stay sitting down. DJ Exeqtive is wonderful, patient and definitely one of a kind. The whole staff is wonderful hand down you choose this company I can guarantee that you won't regret it.

Submitted by Rashida

Entertainment you'll never forget

here are not enough words to describe how happy we are that we chose them for our wedding!! Our biggest concern was finding an amazing MC and DJ to make our wedding fun and upbeat all night! The DJ Joey and MC Jon exceeded our vision! We had a variety of music at our wedding with lots of cultured events and they made it perfect! Jon even met up with us before the wedding to go over final details of the day and really put our mind at ease! There were people on the dance floor from the start of the wedding right to the end! 

Submitted by Jessica

Thank you!!!

Joey and Jon had all of our guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. Young and old everyone danced all night long.. You cannot go wrong by using Aldo Ryan Entertainment for all of your wedding services. These people work so well together and they really know how to make your day special!! Thank you all! Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and we owe a lot of it to you!!!

Submitted by Alex & Courtney

Everybody loved them, dance floor was never empty

Jon was awesome since day 1. Made us feel totally comfortable and put us at ease. Always stayed in contact with us and got back to us ASAP. During our wedding night, he did whatever we asked for and kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long. Can't thank Jon & A.R.E enough for making our night amazing. We had the best time!

Submitted by Tiffany

Personalized is the best way to go

Aldo Ryan Entertainment was awesome. They made everything so easy every step of the way. Jon was great and kept the party going all night long. We went with a personalized package and my girlfriend's are still saying stuff like "I don't know how they did that" or "That was the most beautiful wedding reception i've ever been too." Thank you guys!

Submitted by Stephanie & Rob

They made my night incredible.. I highly recommend them

Their team MADE my wedding day!! Jon established an amazing relationship with my husband and I, I was so comfortable with him from the moment I met him, he is so charismatic and really knows how to get everyone's attention and get the party going. I told them that my husband and I love all different genres of music and that we were musicians ourselves, and told them how important it was for us to have great music at our wedding and to have everyone dancing. Well... let me just say, I've had many family members calling us after the wedding saying "That was the best wedding I've ever been to." Or "Your wedding was the MOST FUN wedding ever!!" And I had a family member ask me who my Dj was and wanted all their information because they were so awesome and she wanted to have them at her best friends wedding. They truly made the night!! 

Submitted by Bobby & Stacy


All I can say is WOW. Aldo Ryan and his team rocked it at our wedding, and blew our expectations away. My husband and I had such an incredible time (and so did our guests), and Aldo and his team helped make our day more special than we could have imagined. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Submitted by Lisa

Aldo Ryan Entertainment is the best gift you'll ever receive

I'm going to make this too corny, but it's hard to explain how AMAZING my reception was. We had Jon Divine as our DJ and MC Nay and believe me, they are worth EVERY DOLLAR. They aren't the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. PERIOD. If you want a unique, fun, interactive and WILD reception, you HAVE to go with them. From produciton, to personalization, to recommendign and helping with the planning, they are the best around... don't hesitate, just book them!

Submitted by William & Jessica

Best. Wedding. Ever

I can write so much, but to keep it short and simple put all of your energy into entertainment and book Joe and his crew. Joey was impeccable and so warm with us that we almost forgot we hired him because he felt more like family. From the sit downs, to the recommendations, getting to know us and working with us on our planning - Joey exceeded every expectation. We owe him more than what we payed for because he gave us the best night of our lives.... we love you Joey!

Submitted by Danielle & Taylor

DJ ExeQtive & Aldo -- INCREDIBLE

My now husband and I HIGHLY recommend Aldo Ryan Entertainment!!!! Aldo and Exeqtive took our wedding to a whole other level. Our guest continue to call us and tell us that they had the BEST time PERIOD. Many have proclaimed our wedding to be the best that they've ever attended. We cannot thank Aldo and Exeqtive enough for all they did and what they do. From their professionalism, the skype calls, their flexibility, and their unique approach, to getting involved with the overall wedding run down to ensure everything is seamless, and it was!!! We were truly blessed by their service and to top it all off they reminded us to enjoy life's moments, yet another thing we and our guests were greatful for. Thank you Aldo and Exeqtive for creating so many personalized and creative moments at our wedding! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on that day and we now remember every last one of those moments. If one picture wasn't snapped, we literally have the most amazing memories to reflect on!

Submitted by Karen & Nellone

Packed Dance Floor

I had one simple goal for my reception - don't let people stop dancing. I never expected that the DJ would be so good that people forgot to eat!!!!! My fiance, now husband, and I spoke with Jon and immediately, his energy and radiance vibrated off of us. We did a little more research and realized how special his talents are. He worked so hard on making sure everything was perfected and it reflected the day of. We had the best night of our lives thanks to Jon! Book them today!

Submitted by Brittany & Mike


Even before we were engaged, Anthony and I knew we were going to get Aldo for our wedding. We attending a wedding and he (aside from the bride and groom) was the show stopper. I never experienced being at a wedding like that before. Fast forward to our wedding about 2 years later, Aldo made everything Anthony and I wanted a reality. He worked with us so wonderfully from the very beginning and started planning the event as early as we wanted. He was honest with us and gave suggestions to make our wedding s spectacular as it could have been. Our "custom wedding song" was beautifully done, even made me tear up a bit. He really spends the time to get to know the couple and establish a true connection which is seen CLEARLY in his work. We never worried once about anything while the wedding was going on and was able to enjoy it completely. Aldo and his team are the best at the wedding game and anyone wanting something different and completely personalized, its a no brainer. Use them!

Submitted by Maria & Anthony

Focus on entertainment they're worth it

Yesterday, I married the love of my life! We had an ammmmmzing and unforgettable time. Without the help of Aldo and his team, I don't know where we would be! Waking up this morning, I am having separation anxiety, knowing that I won't be dealing with them on a daily basis. I can't wait to use every single one of them for any and all my occasions.When we booked You we knew you were going to be good, what we didn't know is that you guys are amazing and went way above and beyond our dreams or expectations. The music, the entertainemnt, the atmosphere and the coordination was so on point!! We had guests calling us and saying they never had a better time then they did at our wedding.people didn't want to leave and were dancing the whole night!! Our party barely had a chance to eat beciSe they didn't want to get off the dance floor lol. I can't wait to I plan my next event and have all of you guys with us! We trully feel that we made lifelong friends

Submitted by Diana & Mark

They are not your average company

Aldo, DJ Joey D, and the rest of the team made our wedding entertaining and energetic while keeping it personal and unique. Aldo made sure to listen to our wants/needs while providing excellent feedback and timely communication. People are still talking about the music! People were on the dance floor throughout the reception and the energy level was always high. Aldo has so many creative ideas to keep your event personal, interactive, and classy while engaging your guests. Aldo is a Wedding Entertainment Director- so he is knowledgeable in all aspects of the entertainment for events and provides a unique service compared to your average MC.

Submitted by Anthony & Diana


Aldo is the absolute BEST!! I truly felt as if we were family while working with him! He surpassed our expectation and made sure that our wedding was not only fun but unique!!! Our guests guest can't stop talking about him or how much fun they had!!! I wish we could get married again!! His Zap photographer captured beautiful pictures... Can't wait to get them back!! Some of our guest are saying that they will never view July 4th the same!! WE LOVE U ALDO

Submitted by Jennifer

Amazing...Incredible service!

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing. Words can not express how happy joanna and i were for the services that Aldo Delivered. From the first day we met Aldo we new that he was amazing. He made everything so personal and the experience with him and his crew was amazing. We can't thank him enough except in ways that he will be apart of our 1 year anniversary, our children's first birthday and any other events we have. Aldo we love you, your amazing and thank you again for putting such an amazing event together.

Submitted by William & Joanna


NEHAL WAS OUR MASTER OF CEREMONIES AND WE HAD A GREAT TIME, OUR GUESTS HAD AN AMAZING TIME WITH NEHAL, you can have.a beautiful venue, decor and great food but Nehal is what our guest will remember because they spoke of how FUN OUR WEDDING WAS AND HOW THEY WERE WELL ENTERTAIN....ALDO AND NEHAL WORKED WITH US HAND IN HAND, STEP BY STEP TO MAKE SURE OUR DAY WAS SPECTACULAR!! THEY GOT INVOLVED AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS COVERED, they have a full menu for your wedding and everything you need to complete your wedding....see them after you plan your date and they will help you from beginning to won't have to worry about anything...

Submitted by Christiana & Alex

Amazing service

This review is way way overdue!! Hiring Aldo as our wedding MC was probably one of the best decisions we made in the entire wedding planning process. Aldo and his team were beyond phenomenal, professional, most importantly FUN and hilarious. Our guests had the best time and are still raving about everything 3 months later. Aldo was able to truly portray my husband and myself to our guests by sharing our story. He personalized every aspect and catered to every need. He showed our guests a fabulous time and kept them on their feet the entire night....when the party was over around 1:30 am, people did not want to leave! Thank you again for everything! Wish we could re live this day 100x!

Submitted by Esther

Better than 5 stars

Aldo is beyond amazing! It was 5 years ago when my best friend got married & I met Aldo for the first time. Her wedding was incredible & I said that night when I get married I need to have Aldo at my wedding. My husband and I got married 4 months ago & people are still talking about our wedding. They couldn't get over how involved he was and how he personalized every minute of our night. From the minute we booked, we knew we were in good hands. He incorporated our love story during our introduction, he made sure our guests were always out of their seats, and anything I wanted he made sure to include; special dances, surprising my husband with a cigar dollar etc. I know the food makes the wedding, but your entertainment is important too!! So if you want something different, someone who listens to your ideas & executes them, someone who will make your wedding personalized & one of a kind, you HAVE TO HAVE ALDO & HIS CREW!!

Submitted by Danielle And Nick


We could not have been happier with our entertainment team. We had Nehal Parikh as our Master of Ceremony, DJ Joey Disaronno, and we used Yelena Khaimova as a violinist. To say they were exceptional is an understatement. Nehal delivered above and beyond with his MC service. Everyone at the wedding has such great compliments for him and his style is so fresh and entertaining. DJ Joey was on point with every song. We requested only dance music and none of the typical "wedding song" and he did exactly that. I can't think of one bad song during the entire night and he kept the dance floor alive til the very end. We used Yelena to play the violin along with our first dance and she also played along to the dance music. She did a fantastic job and its amazing how she knows all the songs in her head and plays while standing and walking around. I would highly recommend this team without any reservation.

Submitted by Anuj & Kareema

Your guests will have the best time

I simply cannot say enough about Aldo Ryan Entertainment! If you want to have people talking about your music, MC and entertainment for years to come, book with Aldo. He and his team of professionals will ensure that your music and wedding flow is tailored to your specific needs, while also adding their own special flavor to the event. Great website allows you to choose songs for all the special moments, and provide Aldo with information that is incorporated into the event. He does things at weddings that your guests will talk about for years to come, and give you and your spouse memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, he treats you professionally and yet as a friend. Always available to talk or text, and make sure your event is planned to the fullest.

Submitted by Steve & Kim

Book them

Aldo Ryan and his crew are a PHENOMENAL group. Very ORGANIZED and make everyone feel comfortable. Even when our wedding schedule was running late, Aldo and his team adjusted and made the party run smoothly. All of our guests specifically praised our music, above all other vendors!

Submitted by Aaron & Evelyn

I want to do it again

There are no words that I can use to describe the experience my husband and I had at our wedding. BY FAR, this company is the GREATEST to perform. My husband and I wanted to focus primarily on a kick-a** party and it took us 7 DJ visits before we met with Jon Divine - If we met him first, the process would have been SO MUCH SHORTER. Get your wedding PERSONALIZED, it will change your guests perception of how weddings should be! Aldo Ryan Entertainment is lightyears over the competition!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jon and Joe!

Submitted by Kimberley And Anthony

Don't go with anyone else

These guys are the best!! We had a blast at our wedding - every moment was high energy and they really kept the crowd going every moment! We had a traditional Indian wedding in piermont, NY in August 2017. From planning to execution this team was timely, responsive and extremely professional. They are also really great at what they do! My guests loved the baraat - they all joined in and danced the groom to the wedding hall! Everyone kept raving about how much fun they had and that the music and the DJs were unlike any wedding they had been to! Nehal, Aldo and Chris were true professionals and even though there were so many last minute changes they made this day so perfect for us. There’s no other option! You have to have them at your wedding.

Submitted by Anjali

Worth every penny!

I knew Nehal and the Aldo Ryan crew had great reviews, but they more than exceeded the hype. We wanted our wedding to be lively, memorable, and FUN, and Nehal more than delivered. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience, and guests are still talking about it. Everyone was asking for their info at the end. They did a fantastic job of making the wedding personalized, and everyone in our wedding party felt special and recognized, including our parents, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. DJ Christian was amazing, perfectly blending several genres of music to keep the dance floor crowded all night. He was able to seamlessly play Latin, Pop, and even Haitian music and kept the hits coming all night long. One of the best parts is how involved Nehal and his crew are in the wedding, being right there on the dance floor and leading everyone in fun dances. Overall, I would highly recommend Nehal and the AldoRyan crew, they are definitely worth every penny!

Submitted by Mehida & Danilo

10000000% Nobody Like Them

WOW! Let me begin this by saying that Aldo and DJ ExeQtive, coupled with my other amazing vendors, made this the very best wedding I've ever been to... and it was my own! I'm still getting so much feedback on how amazing our wedding was and how amazing Aldo was! We were referred to him by my now-husband's godmother whom had Aldo at her wedding about 7 years ago. TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY. I was always willing to pay it, because I was totally invested in my guests having the time of their lives and Aldo did not disappoint. The dance floor was packed the entire night and people didn't want to go home afterwards! Invest in your guests experience, you won't regret it! So, if you're like me and want you and your guests to have REAL fun at your wedding, please... hire Aldo Ryan Entertainment! Thank you so much for everything, Aldo! You literally made this the best day ever!

Submitted by Kelsey & Khalil