Tips On Giving Wedding Favors
Posted by Candy Capers & Victoria's Hallmark on 08/27/2014

Tips On Giving Wedding Favors

Tips On Giving Wedding Favors

The giving of wedding favors is a tradition as old as time. It has come a long way from the first little almonds presented to guests at a wedding feast to the fancy and sometimes costly trinkets of today. Yet a favor need not be expensive to be tasteful and a wonderful expression of yourself. First and foremost consider your budget. Get a rough idea of about how many favors you will need. Decide if you would like to give every guest a simple token of your affection or a more elaborate favor per couple or family. With so many choices available my advice is to start early. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Will you make the favors yourself? Will you have enough time to buy the materials and execute the design? Is there a family member, friend or bridal party member who can lend a hand? Be honest with yourself before you start something you may later regret. Whether your guest list is for twenty or one hundred and twenty, creating your wedding favor is no easy feat. With so many details consuming your every waking moment a project of this magnitude can be daunting. Many brides underestimate the time, energy and patience needed to create such a project. Sadly, I've received many frantic calls from brides desperately trying to order something- anything at the last minute. Don't let this happen to you. Give yourself a generous time frame within to work. Sometimes, it's just easier, more convenient and cost efficient to let the wedding experts handle this aspect of your wedding day.

Research is the key to successful favor planning. Visit your local wedding stores, surf the web, visit the arts and crafts departments and don't forget to ask your newly married friends for a recommendation. A favorable recommendation from a trusted friend goes a long way. When you find that perfect favor, consider buying a sample before making your final choice. Ask questions and be very specific about your preferences. Leave nothing to chance. Make sure if you are having ribbons personalized that all spelling is correct. Finally, place your order at least two to three months before your wedding day. Have it shipped to arrive at least two weeks before your wedding date. This gives you ample time to inspect the shipment and notify the vendor if damages occurred while in transit. Should you decide you would like to make your own favors - again start early. Put together a sample. Experiment with color. Try different variations on your design. Most importantly, give yourself all the time you will need to find or make your perfect dream wedding favors come to life.

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