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Kate and Brendan Palm's Engagement Photos & Wedding at Ramblewood Country Club | United Elite Photography


View some of Kate and Brendan Palm's Morning of Photo Session & Wedding Photos at Ramblewood Country Club by United Elite Photography.  

Marcia Owner and Photographer wrote:

When Kate, Brendan, and I first met we took off running with photo ideas.  Kate was a gymnast and Brendan is an adventurer so they were all for some wild and unique photos from the get-go, especially in their engagement session which I will post soon.  Kate wanted to meet the morning of the wedding to take a few photos in their favorite park, Laurel Acres, where we had our engagement session and where Brendan proposed to her.... On the coldest day of the year!!  When they arrived they were together and very calm about the day (so that in itself is very rare to see) and I remember feeling that it was really nice to see them again.  We took some fun pictures around the park and went to Ron Jaworski's Ramblewood Country Club not too long afterward.  

Unfortunately, it was raining on and off this day, but Kate didn't give up and was determined to have her ceremony outside if the weather would allow it!  We started the getting ready shots with the girls hanging out and even went to the reception room dance floor to let the flower girl run around with all the bridesmaids.  After that, we all went outside when it stopped raining and it was humid and muggy!  So humid my lens was fogging up so I made sure I had a wipe so I wouldn't get all hazy pictures outside!  I had them shake bottles of champagne and open them...  the flower girl ran away in horror because she couldn't believe the mess they were making with the champagne spraying everywhere! It was the cuttest thing that she would be surprised that all these grown-ups were making a mess.... on purpose! Make sure to check out that photo in this album with her in the background horrified;) That was a lot of fun to watch and capture!  All while this was going on, my second photographer was with the guys capturing them getting ready.  

The rain had stopped, it was ceremony time and seeing Brendan's face light up when he saw Kate walking down the isle melted my heart.  He was so happy and couldn't stop staring at her.  She was STUNNING!  Being that I've spent so much time talking, planning, and hanging out with these two, my feelings for what they were feeling at the time enhanced.  The ceremony was short so I made sure to get as many angles that I could, but it was also a good thing it was short because at the end it started to drizzle... Ended just in time for everyone to get inside before the big downpour!! 

We took our family photos inside since the weather was not cooperating.  My second photographer and I made sure to help gather everyone we needed to the new location I had picked out inside and we were able to get the family pictures done in a timely manner, despite the change in circumstances!  It was a big family and most were excited to join the cocktail hour so we had to go find everyone, but we did find them and had them in and out of pictures swiftly so they could re-join cocktail hour again.  After the family pictures, the rain had stopped!  So I took the bridal party outside for a few bridal party shots.  

A super awesome bonus to booking your venue at a Ron Jaworski venue.... is that they let you take your own golf carts out without having a chauffeur!! That is so nice because it gave us the freedom to have a great time and I could sit next to my second photographer, talk about plans, keep our equipment safely on us, and we all laughed ALL THE WAY to our photo shoot location!  I love that Ron Jaworski venues let you do that because it is a less up-tight feel to the day which makes for better moods and better photos!  I've been to many venues where you sit next to an awkward chauffeur or they make us stand on the back of the golf cart with all my equipment on me and not give me a choice to sit safely in a seat with it... So there are definitely some uptight (and rude) golf courses out there....  so BRAVO Ron Jaworski and I always enjoy working at your venues!! 

We took some of my favorite photos to date at this wedding.  The lighting was perfect, the mood was great despite the rain, and we found a really neat golf cart cave so golf carts could safely travel to the other side of the golf course underneath a bridge for cars.  The lighting was perfect here and I was able to manipulate light from my camera in multiple different ways to get some neat effects I personally love, like silhouette photos.  

After we were done with the photos, we had the intros and dances at the reception where Kate and Brendan were slow dancing, and suddenly after Brendan did the "dip kiss" (as we called it!), they went into a swing dance like in the movie The Mask! So cool since my favorite childhood actor is Jim Carey!  The rest of the night was dancing and such a fun time.  I took them outside to get a late sunset picture because of the rain, and my second shooter got a cool shot that looked like an X with all the lights in the photo she took because a drop of water fell on her lens, giving it that cool effect.  On the dance floor, someone took off their belt to make the game "limbo."

All together it was a super fun, romantic wedding, and despite the rain, everything was perfect.  Kate and Brendan are beautiful people inside and out, they are a lot of fun, laid back, trusted in my vision for the day, and I have no doubt in my mind that we will stay in touch and keep up with each other's lives.  It's an honor that I can work with such great people like Kate and Brendan and I cannot wait to see the next step in their journey together and I look forward to watching their family grow! <3

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