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Sandra and Ravi’s Wedding at Nanina’s in the Park


Congratulations to Sandra and Ravi on their recent late summer wedding! The two tied the knot on August 31st, 2019 at Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville, NJ. From the preparation to the reception, our Top Wedding Photographers in North Jersey were there to capture all the special moments throughout! 

First, Sandra began her day prepping for the special ceremony. She wore an absolutely stunning white dress, while her bridesmaids wore equally pretty pink dresses. Meanwhile, Ravi prepared for his moment, wearing a dashing white suit and black bow tie, while his groomsmen were looking dapper in black suits. Once the two were dressed up and ready to go, the ceremony had officially begun. Our Top Wedding Photographers in North Jersey caught Sandra and Ravi making their way down the aisle. They then shared their vows, smiled, and shared a big kiss as husband and wife! It was a fantastic moment as their family and friends cheered them on. It was time to head to the gorgeous venue. 

Once everyone had arrived, it was Sandra and Ravi’s time to share a first dance as newlyweds. As everyone looked on, they dazzled the whole room, showing the pure love they share! The surrounding scenery was also outstanding. The venue featured a large dance floor for the couple to shine and a smoke machine to add a dramatic flair! Once the dance was complete, it was time for the rest of the guests to join in and continue the celebration! Guests of all ages partied on the dance floor, and it was truly a celebration these lovers will never forget!

Congratulations, once again, to Sandra and Ravi on their amazing wedding! Thank you for letting our Top Wedding Photographers in North Jersey share this special moment with you!

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